Quality and Reasonably Priced Plastic American Made Toys Are A Hit To Buy And Put Away For Special Gifts and Holiday Presents

Recycling TruckA long (we never say old) dear friend called for advice about toys for her grandson and the third child in a family.  It is always a challenge to think of new things for a third child in the family.  I sent her to the Oppenheimer Toy Award list at toy portfolio my go to website.  She selected new toys from an American company called American Plastic Toys Inc. and loved what she picked out and so did her grandson.  She said the toys were so strong that her one year old grandson could sit on it.  My friend said the price was very reasonable for the quality received.  We have a winner company here!

American Plastic Toys Inc.  manufactures all of its toys in the United States with less than 4% of components coming from abroad, all of the plastic used is purchased in the United states, none containing paint or phthalates, The company says, “[e]very American Plastic Toys product is tested by at least one independent U.S. safety-testing lab to insure that it complies with applicable safety standards.”

We know that the Oppenheimer Toy Awards have very high standards.  Here are their recommendations from American Plastic Toys:

American Plastic Toys Recycling Truck

According to Oppenheimer Toy Awards, this toy appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers, warranted a Gold Seal Award for 2018.  Their review includes that the truck “rolls on big sturdy wheels and there’s a container on the back-end for loading larger items. Older toddlers and young preschoolers will probably sit on this and ride it foot to the floor. It really is pretty gigantic and a showy toy that will not break the bank.” Buy at Amazon.

American Plastic Toy Gigantic Car Hauler 

This toy, appropriate for toddlers and preschools, earned the coveted Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award for 2017.  Their review includes that the hauler, though under $20, “is gigantic—over two feet long and ready for indoors or out in the sandbox play. Toddlers are fascinated by big trucks and here’s one they can take charge of in the early pretend play. This has a tilt-able bed, big tough wheels  and a separate red convertible that may need to be delivered somewhere or taken for repair. Unlike so many “talking” trucks, this one will only say and do what the player wants it to do. It’s a child-controlled vehicle that can also carry and deliver whatever your big pretender imagines.”

All around $25 each, American Plastic Toys also has a gigantic fire truck, loader and dump truck.

On the American Plastic Toy website, they show lots of toys for age one and above and toys that are gender neutral and gender oriented.

My Own Self Check Out Set is wonderful and includes a shopping cart with items, a stand and cash register.

There is a first climber, a home slide, very reasonably priced.

Other larger toys include six options for a toy kitchen, different colors and sizes,cottage and playhouse.

There are three choices for a workbench,  two choices for a  nursery, five choices for a vanity, and a beauty salon.

There are riding toys starting at $15 and a toy storage item.

Here is a link to product categories for easy reference.

In addition to Amazon, the American Plastic Toys are found at most retailers, including Target and WalMart.

Now, we have an American company with quality and reasonably priced toys for our holiday  list and can watch for sales!









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