It Is Worth Taking the Time To Opt Out For Privacy on Google, Email Accounts, Amazon, and Internet Advertising From This Grandma Who Did It By Herself

GoogleThis Grandma watches the Today Show and Rossen Reports is a favorite segment.  With the European Union cracking down on Facebook, and strengthening on line privacy rules, we are bombarded with emails asking us for permission to continue to sell our information.  Rossen Reports does the opposite.  Jeff Rossen is a hero.  He gives us step by step instructions on how to opt out for online privacy.

I am including links to Jeff Rossen’s videos.  He is totally honest.  The companies selling our information make it complicated and tedious to take back our privacy.  I am not a wiz at the computer.  My grandson is a wiz.  Even Grandpa is a wiz. But, this tedium is not of interest to them, even as a gift for me.

I bit the bullet and dug in.  Amazon was a breeze.  Thank you, Amazon.

Google was a nightmare.  Keep a second window open so that you can stop the Jeff Rossen video, back up, review, and go again, bit by bit. Email accounts were similarly difficult.  At each step, you must remember to keep clicking again and again to confirm what you want.  You must keep going to additional links.  At one point, I clicked 137 times in a row.  It seems we automatically are opted in to everything and must work hard to opt out.   I admit I was furious.

Here are the links to the TODAY segments with Jeff Rossen:


In the first video segment, “TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen joins TODAY to provide step-by-step instructions on how to opt out of having your browsing history tracked by three online giants: Facebook, Google and Amazon.”


In the second video segment, “TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen takes you through a simple way to stop most websites from bombarding you with those annoying ads based on your browsing history.” 

Then, make sure you go to the following websites, follow the directions, and similarly opt out:

Did I do it all in one sitting? Absolutely not.

Did I get it all?  I doubt it.

Thank you to Jeff Rossen and the Today Show.  If we do not take care of our own privacy, who will!  It is obvious that it is made as difficult as possible to protect our privacy.





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