New Baby Clothing Made With Magnet Closures Make Middle of the Night Changes A Breeze

Magnetic GownOnesie footies are always the key for newborn and baby dress, although this grandma does love the gowns.  Our daughter in law and son, with their first, discovered that the onesies with snap closures are a pain in the middle of the night, and anytime with a crying newborn.  They love the zipper onesie footies.  However, even with these, one has to put their finger inside so the zipper does not catch the baby’s skin. Our youngest daughter, a mother for the third time, introduced us a new onesie footie which is new and ingenious.  Its closures are magnetic!


Magnetic fasteners are securely enclosed in soft fabric. Only the fabric touches baby’s skin.  The company has really thought about everything, even mitten cuffs on all newborn and three month sizes and grippy foot treads on all nine month and up sizes.  Our daughter’s favorite fabric that they use is modal.  It is the easiest to put these magnetic fastener onesies on the baby.  Our daughter said they run true to size.

You may be lucky to find one at Nordstrom or a baby store, but take a look on line at the adorable styles and patterns.  Magnetic Me has the most adorable velour sets for toddlers too.  Their toddler sizes go up to 4T.  Considering how toddlers love to dress and undress themselves, it remains to be seen how much the parents of our grandchildren will love these magnetic closures for toddlers–it will either be a god sent or a nightmare.  The “inventors” do have their own toddlers in their clothing of course, and see how adorable they look on the website.

Magnetic Me even has the most adorable models in all sizes on sale.   Sign up to get their specials and get 10% off your first purchase.  I challenge you to only buy one of their adorable styles.

We grandmas can be cool and up to date and introduce new parents to the ease of dressing and undressing a newborn and baby with Magnetic Me.  It only took a mother with her third baby to find this new product line.







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