Poop Should Not Be A Toy and We Grandparents Should Say Phooey to Poop Toys

Flush ToyThe article, “Toy Fair is Flush with Poo-inspired Games and Trinkets,” in the Washington Post February 24, 2018, by Mark Lennihan, has this Grandma shaking my head. Are we ready to run out to buy or click on Amazon to buy the following new poop toys introduced at the New York Toy Fair recently?

*Flushin’ Frenzy (Mattel Toys). Players use the plunger to shoot brown plastic poop out of the toilet into the air and then try to catch it. Watch this mess on YouTube. One of the comments to the video said, “this is dumb and stupid.” Need I say more.

*Toilet Trouble (Hasbro). Amazon carries it and reviewers give it four stars. The blurb on Amazon includes, “Flush but watch out for random spray of water,” and ”Funny toilet flushing sound effects.” “Players take turns spinning the toilet paper roll, flushing the toilet handle, and hoping they don’t get sprayed with water.” Watch it on YouTube, and do not skip the eighteen comments, which are hysterical. I agree with the one comment which said real toilet water should be used.

*Don’t Step on It (Hasbro). Amazon carries it and reviewers give it four and a half stars. The description on Amazon includes, “Blindfolded, poop-dodging fun.”

”Mold the included compound to look like piles of poop.” ”Step in the fewest poops to win.” “Play with friends or dodge the poop.” Watch official game trailer on YouTube. Listed as a game for the entire family.

*Sticky the Poo (Hog Wild Toys). “When poop hits a surface is splats and sticks. Sticky the Poo, a squishy likeness with eyes, clings to walls and ceilings when thrown. Hog Wild, also sells a rainbow version called Sticky Unicorn Poo. Its Sticky the Plunger is sold separately.” It received four stars on Amazon and is listed for ages 4 and above. Watch on YouTube.  What was equally disgusting as poop thrown on your wall for all to see was the ad on the same page for poop stress balls—exactly what we grandparents want our grandchildren to be carrying around in their hands.

*Flush Force (Spin Master) sells “150 nickel-size mutant critters that kids can collect. Add water to the tank and shake one of the Flush Force toilets, and see what mutant creature comes out of the bowl.” The description on Spin Master’s website includes:

“The new Collect-A-Bowl is the ultimate stash ’n’ store case for Flush Force fans – complete with explosive sound effects! Each toilet comes with four exclusive Foul Floater figures! With 150 to collect, these mutants will take your Flushy collection from a solid #2 to #1! Flip the lid to stash your Flushies in the bowl and take them wherever you go, or pull down on the handle to hear farty flushing sounds! This gross-out toilet features grimy deco for that real bathroom feel. Plunge to new depths with Flush Force’s Collect-A-Bowl!”

This is the worst, and it is hard to get that filthy with these poop toys. Are there real people with poop on their toilets that is not cleaned up!? See YouTube.

*Poopeez Capsules (Basic Fun). These are also sold on Amazon. The description for children ages four and up includes, “These new blind capsules are creating a stink all over Kerplopolis faster than a fart disappears in the wind.” “Series 1 is home to 36 hilarious characters including Pooji, T.P. Lil’ Squirt, Skid Mark, Dumpling and the Toot Fairy.” “Each Capsule is a Toilet Paper Roll and you “unroll” to find one hidden Poopeez character, then “unroll” again to find your 2nd hidden Poopeez character along.”

See YouTube for a double treat. I found one of those videos of a child opening a package and describing the Poopeez inside, the videos that our grandchildren are watching by the hundreds while thez families making the videos are raking in millions.

I did a previous post on these videos, “Adults Making Millions Playing With Toys on YouTube Videos And Why Did We Not Think of This Silliness.”

Really? Do we Grandparents want to promote potty humor?

I cannot bring myself to give links to any of the above, but I do love the book, “Everyone Poops,” and have bought this for our grandchildren. See previous post to buy this book and other Science books on Amazon, “Everyone Poops” and More Fun Science Picture Books for Grandma Fun.”

At least the book has some redeeming value. The toys have none, but the videos and descriptions are worth a laugh for us Boomer grandparents.







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