Golden Retriever Buddies Movies Are Boomer Grandparents’ Best Home Movie Friends

BuddiesWe are in an era where families are having movie nights and board game nights and that is fabulous bonding time.  I find that I am competing to take grandchildren to movies that are appropriate for them, and there are few that I thoroughly enjoy as well.  It was my grandchildren who introduced me to the Buddies movies with golden retriever puppies, of course, by Disney, that have become our best home movie friends.

I was curious as to the origin of these movies and how they evolved.  You only have to go to Disney’s Wiki site to learn all about them and get a list of the Buddies movies.   The main character is an adorable golden retriever, Buddy, and all of the off spring in the Buddies movies are adorable and talk like humans, and have human characteristics and foibles.  You won’t find the Buddies movies in theatres as they were all direct-to-DVD / Blu-ray releases.  One of my personal favorites is Air Buddies, but the movies are all great.

In addition to watching adorable golden retriever puppies, there are themes, some of which are holiday themes.  Consider the movies as stocking stuffers for the holiday season too.  There is a Halloween buddy movie as well.

The joy of the buddy movies is that they are pure PG joy, watching the antics of adorable puppies always getting into some trouble.  The grandchildren will watch them again and again cuddled in your lap.  Common Sense Media mentions that some themes involve a parent’s death or situations where the puppies are in peril, but this Grandma found the movies mostly harmless fun.

Once you and the grandchildren are hooked, you can learn more about the buddy movies, including that the original series is about a real golden retriever.  Learn more than on Disney’s Wiki site by checking out Wikipedia.   Practice learning all of the puppies’ names and their natures.

On Amazon, you can buy the DVD sets, if you have something to play them on. Amazon also allows you to rent or buy the videos.

Grandparents can start a movie night tradition too.  We have many Buddy movies to go through with










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