Bugaboo Steps Aside for UPPAbaby

UPPAbabyMy favorite picture of myself as a baby has me sitting up in a huge fancy baby carriage. When I had my first child, now nearly 45 years ago, I looked for a fancy baby carriage. They were not in vogue. Strollers were in. When my first grandchild was born nearly fifteen years ago, I looked for a fancy baby carriage. They were not in vogue. Strollers were still in; however, car seats that fit into strollers were the thing, as safety now became important. Now, with the youngest grandchild, baby carriages are back!

I remember when Bugaboo was the thing to have, the sign of luxury, with a big price tag. I just could not justify such expense as it did not seem that special, other than its name. This Grandma has now been introduced to UPPAbaby and its interchangeable parts, yes luxurious, with a big price tag, but has a bassinet pram!

Everywhere you look at reviews, the UPPAbaby system gets five stars. Yes, our youngest grandchild to be is a recipient of this newest technology. I thought it was heavy. Our youngest daughter thought that did not matter, it was easy to interchange all the parts, easy to use, and was high quality.

As a five star review from Baby Gear Lab

“There is a solution for pretty much every age from bassinet to infant car seat, and reversible toddler seat to riding scooter and the system can change on the fly. . . .UPPAbaby is an American family company that has a combined ten years of experience in the juvenile industry. UPPAbaby draws inspiration from their daily life and strives to make gear that is easy to use, fun and safe. The company’s goal is product improvement for convenience, usability, and style.”

Amazon is the preferred baby registry for this generation of parents to be and Amazon carries the entire UPPAbaby line, which is extensive.  However, Nordstrom periodically has a 20% off sale on the basic package to look out for.

And, what is this Grandma’s favorite? The UPPAbaby Bassinet. It is so versatile. Of course, it is part of a carriage. However, it also has a stand and can be used as a bassinet as well.

If you are a grandma in waiting, mention UPPAbaby to the parents to be and sound so modern and up to date. I am glad we now have a versatile system with so many easy to interchange moving parts, cutting down on the massive amount of paraphernalia our precious new grandbabies seem to need.

I, for one, cannot wait to take our sixth new grandchild for a ride in his UPPAbaby pram. Yes, I do want a picture to put next to the one that is over seventy years old. Even if I admit it myself, that is a long, long time ago for baby carriages to come back into vogue.






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