Archives Must Reads For New Grandmas: Part I Grandma Lessons and Tips

Grandparents holding a babyA dear long friend, who is becoming a grandma for the first time, asked me to give her my must reads for new grandmas from my archives. I wanted to give an idea of the varied content, from tips to gifts, to do’s and do not’s.

There is a search feature.  I put in “newborn” and had to stop! There is so much.  Here are the links to just a beginning of what is in the archives for new grandmas and new parents to be.  Part I includes links below to the “Grandma Lessons,” the tips for new grandmas.  Part II includes links to what to buy, from equipment to toys and gifts.

As I told my dear long friend, . . . .

This is the best time of life.  Enjoy!






How to be the Best Grandma in the World with the Most Joy and Least Responsibility


Songs, Sonograms, Shopping, and Creating a History


Mother-in-law and Mother Relationship is the Same for Grandma


A Grandma Who Needs Grandma Lessons


Never Say No–Number 1


Names for Grandma and Names for Grandchild


The Grandma on the Floor


Baby Signals are Grandchildren’s Signals Forever and Not Just About Feeding A Hungry Baby


Never Say No Number 2


Swaddling and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


Pediatrics Group Recommends Reading Aloud to Children From Birth


The Secrets of “Grandparents: The Grandbabies’ Great Reward” Revealed


Depression of Either or Both Parents of Our Grandchildren, Before or After the Birth, is Something We Grandmas Can Identify and Should


What Grandmas Know About Babies Sleeping Through The Night Predates the Studies and Shows The Value of Experience


Grandma’s Recommendation: Add Exposure to New Experiences to The Power of Talking to Baby


Tips for Grandma Visits: Getting What You Wish For

Long Distance Grandparents Combining Holidays for Double Joy: Thanksgiving and Christmas or Chanukah


Long Distance Grandma Thinks Creatively When Celebrating the Holidays with the Top Four Tips for Making Holidays Joyful


Why this Long Distance Grandma No Longer Envies Local Grandmas


How Many Visits To Grandma Are Too Many


This Grandma’s Best Tips for Flying with a Baby


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