Grandma’s Top Ten of “Travel and Leisure Magazine’s Thirty three Brilliant Ways to Actually Use Your Travel Photos” for Grandchildren to Remember Our Multigenerational Family Vacations

cork-mapYes, this Grandma is on Twitter.  Barely.  I do not know how to add anyone or anything.  All I have is what my son-in-law originally did for me and what my grandson helped me add. . . once.  I keep forgetting to bother them further.  When I am with grandchildren I am so busy that Twitter is far from on my mind.  For me Twitter is good for  mindless perusing when I am waiting at a doctor’s office, which is more often it seems now, or am watching a boring television program.  But, once in a while, I actually save a tweet.  This Tweet is a keeper.  Take a look at “Travel and Leisure Magazine’s 33 Ways To Use Our Travel Photos”

Whenever I find an article such as this, my focus is on how to use it for our multigenerational family vacations or the vacations Grandpa and I share with our grandchildren.  I have to admit that I do not find all 33 ‘brilliant” nor useful in this regard.  The beginning of the article speaks to using the photographs for more than instagram likes, so some ideas may be geared elsewhere.  Although you might find others of the 33 helpful, I am going to concentrate on those that I think work for the grandchildren.


I always do a Shutterfly book after every multigenerational family vacation Grandpa and I share with our grandchildren.  This Grandma has finally mastered Shutterfly books, and this Tweet recommends Chatbooks.  Checking out the Chatbooks website,  under travel, I found a cover for national parks.  Our multigenerational family is going to the Grand Canyon, so I might try using Chatbooks for the next book.  It advertises fast loading, and then automatic placing photographs chronologically, with ease of adding captions.  Its links to Instagram and Facebook do not excite me, but ease and speed do.  I think about cost, however, and I do not see any specials for Chatbooks, when there are always specials for Shutterfly, making buying multiple books affordable.


We are starting our grandchildren on the wonders of the world by taking them to the Grand Canyon.  We hope they too will get the travel bug and want to see all the wonders of the world, which we are near completing.

To get them started on tracking their adventures, this cork map bulletin board is a cool very inexpensive gift for the playroom or a child’s wall at the grandchildren’s house.  BININBOX Cork pinned wall map is actually the world in cork cut out.  The product description explains it all:

“Create a version of the world as you see it. The corkboard wall map is a self-adhesive map of the world, made of cork and two important functions. Firstly, it looks great and supplements every wall to which it is glued; The world alone is cool enough. And secondly, you can use the tacks we’ve added to bring photos, postcards, tickets, and memories of your travels. The corkboard wall map allows you to create a completely customized and unique world map. You can imagine the world in the truest sense of the word. . . .The corkboard wall map consists of 16 self-adhesive map pieces and 16 drawing points for the card.”

Buy at Amazon:

If the parents of your grandchildren would balk at cork on their walls and want a fancier alternative that is nice enough to put in a family room, consider what this Grandma bought the older grandchildren, a sophisticated magnetic wall map of the world in a beautiful burlwood frame from Frontgate.  It is always on sale, it seems.  Buy at Frontgate:


There are Etsy vendors that will create art for your wall from travel photographs.  If that is your cup of tea, check it out on the Travel and Leisure website.  I think you might take that idea and run with it as a homemade project with the grandchildren.  Target has great inexpensive shadow boxes in which grandchildren can create their own art by cutting up and making a collage from a set of photographs from the vacation.  Take some of the ideas or allow your grandchildren to go with their creative ideas.


Turning travel photographs into a puzzle is a cute idea if you have grandchildren at the age of 252 piece puzzle.  For our brilliant grandchildren, this Grandma thinks early elementary school years.  I can just see a puzzle of the Grand Canyon coming.  This is inexpensive enough through Target photo that you could make several.  Buy at Target:

For the same age and even preschool age grandchildren, think sticker books as another inexpensive alternative, although this will be not long lasting.  Remember, a previous post that tells us we can remove stickers from most anything with mayonnaise.  Buy at


Remember our youth when we had a red viewer and a circle of photographs to view through it? They still exist but are better as they are now 3D.  You can buy them on Amazon and share this with your grandchildren.  There are animals and dinosaurs and more. Buy at Amazon.

Or even cooler, since it is 2017, you can create your own with your own travel photographs.  Your grandchildren are then sure to show their friends their vacation photos.

Create and buy on line:


This Grandma cringes when I see a family wearing the same reunion t-shirts.  I know the parents of our grandchildren would just say no.  But the grandchildren might want to create their own t-shirts from a photograph they select from the family vacation.  Buy at


Our nine year old grandson is into the removal murals that cover one wall in his room.  Granted, it is about football, but you never know when a photograph from a family vacation might be worthy of such treatment.   And there are sales and a good discount for signing up at Muralsyour way.

It is so difficult to find a shower curtain for a children’s bathroom.  They are mostly too juvenile.  However, if a vacation photograph is a favorite it can be made into a shower curtain!  I cannot wait to see if there is one of the Grand Canyon worthy of memorializing on a shower curtain.  And there seem to be coupons and sales. See

It seems adults can create fabulous designs too on or create other things for the grandchildren.

I thank Travel & Leisure for introducing me to new websites and new ideas to share with you for all of our multigenerational and family vacations.  Yes, I picked my favorites that would translate to grandchildren being happy.  There are 33 ideas after all and you are sure to be able to find one that is just perfect.








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