Janie and Jack is Still At The Top of Quality Baby and Young Children Clothing

janie and jackWhen I opened my April 24, 2017 People Magazine to the “All in The Family” page, there were the cutest children and baby.  The baby was Luna, the one year old daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.  She was photographed with the Easter Bunny wearing the most beautiful pink dress with a large pink bow in the front.  Then I looked and saw that it was a Janie and Jack dress.  The Legends have great taste.  Janie and Jack clothing are at the top of quality baby and young children clothing.

When our eldest daughter was pregnant with our now thirteen year old grandson, she introduced me to Janie and Jack.  The stores themselves are distinctive, and as soon as you walk in, you expect high quality.  With the high quality, comes high price.

But the softness of the layette was beyond belief.  Each item was perfect in styling and perfect in stitching and beautiful.  Yes, this Grandma indulged our eldest daughter and purchased our first grandson’s layette at Janie and Jack.  This was pre internet, pre Retail Me Not coupons and coupon codes, pre outlets, and pre on line resale shops.  Instead, I used the old fashioned communication method of making friends with the salespersons at several Janie and Jack stores in the area.  I asked them to let me know when items I coveted would be going on sale, and when I could expect sales.  I asked if I could buy floor samples.  After all, I had several months. Take a look at their layette selections.

When I held that first newborn wearing the softest and most beautiful layette outfit, I swooned.  Yes, there is a tremendous difference in quality in layette items and in children’s clothing.  The first grandson continued to wear Janie and Jack throughout toddlerhood and preschool.  Then, the clothing he was interested in was more rough and tumble.

The best was that there were two grandsons to follow.  You guessed it.  The layette outfits were near brand new, and looked brand new, and as soft as when they were worn by the first grandson.  I always tell Grandpa that I amortize my expenditures, expecting that I can divide the cost by four grandchildren.  I am so glad he accepts this argument.  The one granddaughter did wear some of the blue layette and blue is her favorite color still.  Janie and Jack was worth the price, on sale preferably.

Janie and Jack is still worth the price and now there are even more ways to get a discount.  Yes, there happens to be a spring sale and the Easter outfits are amazing.  Look at Luna. Remember to use the good old fashion method of making friends with a local Janie and Jack salesperson and giving them your telephone number to give you advance notice of sales.  I even give them a list of what to put aside for me when it goes on sale so that I have first shot at getting the item. I also do this for myself for items I want, but do not need, and will only buy on sale.

A tip for sales shopping for grandchildren is to buy ahead for the next year, which I did.  If you live with a change of seasons, it does require a bit of calculation so you are not buying a swimsuit for the middle of the winter size, unless you are the grandma who lives in Florida, and you want to give the parents of the grandchild an extra reason to come south to warm up in winter.

Today, there are more options to buy Janie and Jack for your grandchildren or for a present for a baby or child at a discount.  Check out Outlet Bound for a Janie and Jack outlet near you or near where you may be visiting.  There are discounts up to 45-50% off retail.  Then, of course, there is Retail Me Not, which has discount coupons for Janie and Jack.

Now, there are on line second hand websites for purchase of Janie and Jack clothing.  Unlike other clothing, Janie and Jack children’s clothing is of such high quality that you can buy second hand.  The styles are classic and are not trendy so last years and many children. Swap.com  has prices under $10 for a pair of baby pants that would retail for $36.  The Thred Up  advertises that it is UP TO 90% less than retail, but I did not find that great a discount with Janie and Jack outfits, although the prices are good.  A magnificent special occasion dress, size 12, retailing for $189 was listed for $46.99.  It was probably only worn once. They advertise free shipping and free returns.

Even if you are not a grandma of a baby or toddler or young grandchild, next time you are in a mall, look for a Janie and Jack store, and walk in.  Just touch the layette baby blanket and look at the quality classic clothes.  One of our grandma friends just has to be expecting a new grandchild.  You never know.  It might just be you.





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