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Best Outdoor Toys for Grandchildren Of All Ages That Make Great Visit Presents

The weather up north is thawing and it is the best time for Florida grandparents to visit the grandchildren at their home.  I want to bring toys that will bring the grandchildren outdoors with Grandpa and me.  Yes, we did splurge for a big outdoor toy when the younger grandchildren moved into their new home […]

Six Tips On How Grandma Can Be the Maternity Concierge and Continuing Concierge to the Parents of Our Grandchildren Or Not

The Today Show, on May 11, 2017, had a segment about an admirable new project, maternity concierge, that businesses are starting. They featured a bank that has established a maternity concierge.   Watch the video segment: The featured bank found that they were losing their female employees who were on maternity leave and they found that […]

Adults of Every Age Should Know Why Cataracts Probably Will Be In Our Future Not Only Because We Are Living Longer And There is a Very Expensive Silver Lining If We Can Afford It

This Grandma recently watched Grandpa go through cataract surgery and saw how truly effortless it was, other than having to do one eye at a time for safety, and going through the experience twice.  As with so many things, I deny and avoid anything that points to our long (we never say old) age.  I […]

Grandma’s Top Ten of “Travel and Leisure Magazine’s Thirty three Brilliant Ways to Actually Use Your Travel Photos” for Grandchildren to Remember Our Multigenerational Family Vacations

Yes, this Grandma is on Twitter.  Barely.  I do not know how to add anyone or anything.  All I have is what my son-in-law originally did for me and what my grandson helped me add. . . once.  I keep forgetting to bother them further.  When I am with grandchildren I am so busy that […]

When GOOP hits a home run on Baby Superfoods, Baby Supplies and More We Grandmas Have a Great Resource To Share With Or Use To Do For the Parents of Our Grandchildren

When Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on every talk show about her new venture, GOOP, and it was advertised everywhere, a long while ago, out of pure curiosity, this Grandma signed up for emails. Over the years, I probably have deleted more than I read. I chalked it up to a generational gap and, secondly, that the […]

What Could Be the Connection Between Neurological Changes in Our Brains When We Become Grandparents and Our Grandchildren’s Shoelaces That Never Stay Tied Even When We Grandparent Experts Have Taught Them

It does not matter if I am with the thirteen year old or six year old grandchildren.  Both the youngest and oldest, and the grandchildren in between, consistently have their shoelaces untied.  With all the grandchildren, I feel I am constantly saying, let me tie your shoelaces because they are untied and I am worried […]

Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers That Grandmas Want Plus Those They May Not Yet Know They Need

Each year it gets harder and harder to buy gifts for today’s grandmothers and great grandmothers.  When it comes to Mother’s Day, everyone wants to give a gift, but what does this Grandma think are gifts that will be hits for 2017?  Remember, grandmas and great grandmas do not want you to spend great sums […]

Janie and Jack is Still At The Top of Quality Baby and Young Children Clothing

When I opened my April 24, 2017 People Magazine to the “All in The Family” page, there were the cutest children and baby.  The baby was Luna, the one year old daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.  She was photographed with the Easter Bunny wearing the most beautiful pink dress with a large pink […]