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This Grandma’s Review of Disney’s Andi Mack is Not What the Disney Channel Executives Want to Hear

This Grandma likes to be cool and in the know.  When I read about a new Disney Channel series that was touted to be creative, curious and progressive, I wanted to know more.  The New York Times, March 13, 2017, had an article that caught my eye, “As Kids Mature Faster, Disney Adapts.” Andi Mack, […]

Consider Introducing Your Grandchildren To The World, Beginning with Paris

Our oldest grandson’s favorite city in the world is Paris.  With all the news about Paris and concerns about safety, Grandpa and I wanted to take him to the most beautiful city in the world, but were also concerned about safety.  Fortunately, we had the guidance of Parisian friends who assured us that we should […]

I Wish Groovaroo Was Around When The Parents Of Our Grandchildren Were Babies

When this Grandma was a new mother, I loved to dance with my babies. . . in the privacy of my home.  It enabled me to be silly and funny and not worry that I was not a good dancer.  It took me over thirty years later to join a Zumba class and realize that […]

Fruity Pebbles French Toast and Other Favorite Cereal Coated Foods Grandchildren Will Love to Make and Eat

French toast is a treat the grandchildren ask for immediately when this Grandma visits.  Who else would make it for them on a school day morning?  I always serve it with syrup and cinnamon sugar and was surprised I never thought of coating it with one of their favorite cereals.  Cookbook author Jocelyn Delk Adams […]

Telling Grandchildren About the Beginning of Television Now That We Are Nearing Its End As We Know It

This past February 2017, NBC television celebrated 90 years of programming.  That is GG’s (great grandparent’s) generation, but we grandparents can claim we remember the beginnings of children’s programming on television. This Grandma believes that we should share our history and childhood with our grandchildren to preserve and pass along how we lived.  I never […]

Being Cool Slime . . . ing with Grandchildren Might Not Be Without Its Messes But is As Simple As You Want To Make It

A dear grandma friend told me that making slime is the rage of older elementary and middle school children right now.  It is messy, so it falls upon grandma . . . who never says no. . . to make it from scratch at her house.  She relayed the entire experience and it sounded like […]

Best Ways of Taking Back Control from Children With Smartphones and Computers in This Electronic Age is Something We Should Share With the Parents of Our Grandchildren

This Grandma is amazed at the number of our school aged grandchildren with smart phones, some as young as 7.  According to a study by Common Sense Media, three quarters of teenagers have smartphones and 50% said they are addicted to them.  Younger and younger grandchildren are being given smartphones by their parents.  Yes, in […]

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Best Tips for 2017 and Beyond

We are Florida parents and now we are the grandparents in Florida, so we have lost count of how many visits to Disney’s Animal Kingdom we have made in the last forty plus years.  Magic Kingdom is the best and first choice for a park for grandchildren, and might be worth two days to cover, […]