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”Hidden Figures” Gives Us An Opportunity to Share What Has Been Hidden With Our Grandchildren And To Impart Core Moral Values

A dear grandma friend took her three oldest grandchildren to see the movie, “Hidden Figures.”  She told me that all three, including the youngest at eight, understood that there were two groups shown to be prejudiced against in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Blacks and women. Yes, my grandma friend’s grandchildren are brilliant children, but this […]

Chad and Jake’s Personalized Bibs, Burp Cloths, and Blankets Return With An Even Greater Selection of Items

Chad and Jake is a Florida company run by a family who makes the best quality and most useful and long lasting personalized bibs, burp cloths, and blankets.  These have been handed down from grandchild to grandchild, wearing older grandchildren’s names in bibs.  This Grandma did a blog post on these fabulous products in 2014, […]

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Best Tips for 2017 and Beyond

We are Florida parents and now we are the grandparents in Florida, so we have lost count of how many visits to Disney’s Magic Kingdom we have made in the last forty plus years.  Magic Kingdom remains the best park by far, especially for the youngest grandchildren.  Seeing Magic Kingdom anew in from each grandchild’s […]

The New Eleventh Reason for Daily Stretching At The Forefront of the Exercise Craze for Children as Well As Adults is the POWER Benefit That is the Most Important Of All

All of a sudden, stretching is considered as important as exercise.  Even if one does not exercise, the recommendation to stretch each day and start and end the day with stretching is at the forefront. This Grandma is a twenty year yogi and always recommends yoga for adults and children, or to do with grandchildren, […]

The Best Tips for Universal Orlando Resorts and Parks, Reviews of Rides by Grandpa and Our Near Ten Year Old Grandson, and Why Grandparents Should Have the Parents Along For the Rides

Grandpa has always been a roller coaster addict.  When our children were too young in this Grandma’s opinion to go on upside down roller coasters, their father, Grandpa, was encouraging them to try them out.  The parents of our grandchildren, as children, loved the upside down roller coasters and the more outrageous and exotic roller […]

Comfort Food “Whatever You Want Soup” and “Adult Soup” That We Grandmas May Cook With Our Grandchildren But Must Forbid Them To Eat

When this Grandma was a child a pot of soup was always on the stove in our house.  GG (great grandmother, my mother) came from a time and place of limited food supply and she always remembered that soup was a stable of her diet, and made it a staple of ours.  I never realized […]

Why We Grandmas Should Be Nuts Over the Change in Exposing Our Grandchildren To Nuts As Babies

When we grandmas were having our first babies, we were in the dark ages of information about child rearing. Now we are in the era of information overload. In my natural childbirth class, almost 44 years ago, there were approximately ten women of which only one was intending to breast-feed. Breast-feeding was just not in […]