When Valentine’s Day Gifts Are Cheaper Than Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards, This Grandma Knows What To Do

ValentinesIn recent years, there has been a proliferation of very special greeting cards for every occasion.  There are musical cards, talking cards, moving cards, cards with gift bracelets or stickers or the like.  The one thing that all the new and great greeting cards have in common is that they are all expensive.

This Grandma tries to send items in the mail to grandchildren as they love to receive mail.  I usually send greeting cards.  Greetingcarduniverse.com is a great go to site for inexpensive cards and one I use for camp mail.  See post: Summer Camp Mail For Those Grandchildren At Sleep Away Camp and Those Not.

I even paid to join Hallmark E cards for two years at a discounted sale price to send another variety of cards. Then, at holiday times, this Grandma, who signs up for specials on favorite websites, got sales and free shipping for items at any price!  The prices came to be similar to what the greeting card for the holiday would cost and this Grandma could send a gift instead.

Gifts win out over greeting cards anytime.  Now that Valentine’s Day is upon us, this Grandma sees bargains for gifts everywhere.

First, take a look at Amazon and with Amazon Prime we get free shipping and do not have to plan too far ahead with two day shipping.  For Valentine’s Day, for the price of a greeting card, we can send pink, red or purple Super Grow Eggs.

They are described as “Allergy Friendly Alternative in place of Valentine’s Day Chocolates, Flowers, etc.,Candy Alternative Valentines Day Gifts for Your Children, Niece, Cousins, etc., Best Valentines Day Gifts for Your Children – Your little ones will have so much fun watching these eggs hatch and grow your own pets! Guess which character will hatch from your eggs: Teddy Bear, Ladybug or Heart!”

For Valentine’s Day, for the price of a greeting card, we can send a fun lift-the-flap story book, such as “The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Party.” or a board book to toddlers called “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!” Q or “Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George.”   or a number one best seller “Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool.”  For those school aged grandchildren into the new hobby of coloring, there is an intermediate Valentine’s Day book, “Happy Valentine’s Day Coloring Book Doodle Book: Advanced Art Hearts, Love and Chocolate.” 

Yes, it is the same cost as a fancy greeting card and less than $6.  And for those into chapter books, there is one for less than $5, “Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine.”

For others into chapter books see “Not Your Valentine: The Enchanted World Of Honey Moon (The Amazing Adventures Of Harry Moon)” or chapter book, “Valentine’s Day Disaster”.or chapter book, “Calendar Mysteries #2: February Friend”.  Or “Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine”.

For big splurges, there are Valentine’s Day gift baskets, for example, “Ultimate Super Hero Valentines Day Gift Baskets for Kids, Fun and Games Ideal Valentine Gifts for Kids 3 to 8 Years Old.

Just explore the great number of books just by putting into the search on Amazon.com the words, “children’s Valentine’s Day book,” and you will find your grandchild’s favorite character in a Valentine’s Day book.

There is even an inexpensive Valentine’s Day Bingo game.

Of course, Amazon also sells Valentine’s Day Chocolates for children.  Take a look at the options.

Also, Godiva has specials at holidays and Valentine’s Day is included.  Specials include free shipping with no minimum price order, and as the holiday gets closer, the specials get better. Register and get 10% off your first order.    In the free shipping special where it seems most of the choices are $25 or more there is an adorable teddy bear and chocolates.

For those who like baking and cooking with grandchildren, check out this site for Valentine’s Day.  From candies around $10 and cookie stencils and cookie cutters even less than that to special Valentine’s Day aprons for those grandchildren into American Girl for themselves and their dolls, there is something different and wonderful to surprise grandchildren with.  See this link for the cutest doll apron. They give 15% off a first order upon registration.

In this day and age we grandmas are busier than ever. Shopping on the internet gives us greater variety and options than heading to the greeting card store, or even opening the greeting card website.  And the choices can be cheaper or comparable in price to that fancy greeting card.

Happy Valentine’s Day!







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