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Snapchat Taking Over Our Grandchildren’s World And Should We Be Worried About It Or Join By Buying Snap Spectacles for A Holiday Gift

Snapchat is a social media format that allows posts of pictures and photographs that can be enhanced by drawing on them and changing them and that disappear after seconds after opening, or so I thought. Our preteen and teenage grandchildren love Snapchat. Even if we have young grandchildren, we should pay attention.  Is Snapchat taking […]

Disney Princesses Come With Controversy Before the Holidays 2016

Disney princesses are young children’s favorites.  This holiday there is a new princess.   The animated Disney movie, “Moana,” was number one at the American box office over the Thanksgiving 2016 weekend.  The review at Common Sense Media, this Grandma’s go to source for children’s movies,  says it is for age 6 and up.  The review […]

Just When “Mom” and “Dad” Lose Favor With One Generation They Gain A New Definition with Another In the Fast New World of Social Media

This Grandma tries hard to keep up with the fast moving Internet effect on our changing world.  It is the 12th anniversary of Facebook, and I have to admit that I am a nonuser.  I am on Twitter and Instagram, only because my son-in-law set up the former and my oldest grandson set up the […]

The Best Headphones to Protect Hearing As A Gift For Toddler to Preteen Grandchildren Rather than Beats Which They May Covet

Headphones are a great gift item for grandchildren at any time of the year.  We grandparents know how it is sitting in a car with grandchildren on electronics competing with radio listening, or at home competing with television, and so do their parents. We hear the parents of our grandchildren repeating more often than not […]

If “PaPa” is Now the Favored Name for “Daddy” and ” MaMa” Is the favored Name for “Mommy” What Should We Boomer Grandparents Be Called

In the car, December 1, 2016, this Grandma heard a radio commentator say that the term “Dad” is out as it makes the father more distant and today’s fathers want to be referred to by the “more nurturing” term, “PaPa.”  Now I think I know why some of my grandfather friends like to be called […]

Tips on Giving The Gift Of Travel To Family and Grandchildren, Multigenerational, With Grandchildren, and Best Family Itineraries Around the United States and World

This year, more than ever, it seems that the gift of travel is the most important gift for the family and grandchildren.  The key is that everyone wants experiences, not things.  Even “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” now include massive amounts of travel specials, although the travel specials this Grandma saw for her favorites were […]

Home Remedies That Make Our Lives Easier — Part II –And How We Must Preserve Our Own Families’Home Remedies and More

In Part I of home remedies that make our grandchildren’s lives easier, I concentrated on Terry and Joe Graedon and their home remedies. And now, this Grandma, in an expanded search, I came upon more home remedies we Boomers could use as well. I found a home remedy that I grew up on and, from […]