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Home Remedies That Make Our Grandchildren’s Lives Easier – Part I The Experts As a Holiday Gift

This Grandma had never heard of Terry and Joe Graedon until I saw their column in the Sun Sentinel newspaper October 27, 2016.  Here was the question and their answer: “Q: I was desperate last night for a way to help my child. He had a horrible hacking cough to the point of throwing up. […]

Banana Everything Cookies Means They Are Vegan and Healthy. . .Sort Of

Lately, banana is a key ingredient in recipes this Grandma has found.  Of course, fruit in a cookie makes it healthy, according to Grandma. See recent previous post: “Nutella and Bananas or Apples Combine to Make A Tasty and Healthy After School Snack or Maybe Even a Breakfast Food”. We all have ripe bananas sitting […]

National Toy Hall of Fame Winners and Runners Up Add to the Best Holiday Presents 2016 for All Ages

There is an actual National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York.  Each year, since1998, “toys that have inspired creative play and enjoyed popularity over a sustained period” are inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame. This year, the inductee for age 1-5 is a favorite toy that this Grandma’s own children played with […]

Rubik’s Cube Still Going Strong at Near Half a Century And Gift Ideas from Baby and Up For Great 2016 Holiday Presents

At our last visit with our younger grandchildren, this Grandma was surprised to see our nine year old grandson playing with a Rubik’s cube.  Usually, it is an Ipad that has his complete attention.  He was very interested in it and asked if I knew how to solve the cube.  I had no clue.  I […]

How Many Visits To Grandma Are Too Many

It has taken this Grandma a while to ponder “Judge John Hodgman on Too Many Trips to Ohio With Your Baby,” originally published in the New York Times Sunday Magazine section, July 3, 2016.  Here is the question and his answer. “Alex writes: My wife and I are from Ohio, and we moved to Belmont, […]

The Ten Happiest Songs On Earth List Shows It Depends On Who is Choosing the Happiest Song

I watch the Today Show each weekday morning and when this Grandma saw there was a study done on the ten happiest songs on earth, it brought a smile to my face.  We all want happiness.  Whatever can make us happy is of interest.  I wanted to know which songs were selected.  See the article […]

Why and How to Introduce Art Masterpieces and Famous Artists to Grandchildren Through Children’s Books

This Grandma has written about Brad Meltzer and his series of children’s books, including one on Leonardo da Vinci.* His series of children’s books called “Ordinary People Change the World” are wonderful non fiction books to introduce to grandchildren. Find his children’s books “Ordinary People Change the World” series at Amazon. This Grandma feels that […]

Sometimes Double Proof is Better to Show Grandpa that “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is Always the Way to Go

Sometimes this Grandma holds on to a post idea about a study for years.  Sometimes, the post idea about a study eventually seems unimportant and goes away.  Sometimes, the post idea about a study remains but the timing seems off.  Sometimes, this Grandma just says one study is not enough and I must wait for […]

The History of Pizza and 101 Best Pizzas in the United States at Our Fingertips

The Sunday travel news in our local South Florida newspaper, the Sun Sentinel, had an article about how to find two of the best pizzas in the United States in our local community.  Apparently, in South Florida, we need to go to either Miami or Delray Beach!  Is that why, Mike Mayo, the author “The […]