Picking A Perfect Pumpkin and What to Do and Eat Afterwards

pumpkinThis Grandma did not realize there was an art to selecting the best pumpkin.  If you are with me, then the internet is a treasure trove of information.

1. The pumpkin should be heavy.

2. Look for soft spots, mold, or wrinkles that look like the pumpkin may have started to spoil.

  1.  Place the pumpkin on a flat surface to see that it will sit flat to be able to carve it and after carving it.
  1. Look for a pumpkin with at least a two inch stem as it will decay slower.

If you are a grandma who likes to make everything possible a learning experience, take a look at the amazing number of kinds of pumpkins with your grandchildren on the internet.  This website also shows the different varieties of winter squash.

If you a grandma who likes to make everything possible an art project, after identifying every kind of pumpkin and winter squash they might see at the supermarket, go with them to select and buy miniatures.  Take any decorative bowl and have them learn to creatively arrange a fall centerpiece for their home or your home.   Of course, take a picture for their annual photo album. There is an art to pumpkin carving too.  See this prior post.

What is surprising on the websites is that all suggest that the pumpkin insides and squash insides freeze well.  All you have to do is make chunks, bake until soft, mash, and put one cup worth in individual freezer bags for later recipes, whatever you do not use immediately.

The recipes for pumpkin range from breads to pies, and if the grandchildren are old enough, show them the pictures on the internet so they can pick what they might like to bake.  Really easy means using canned pumpkin.  Remember to cover counters and floors with old towels for easy cleanup.

If your grandchildren are like mine, you might want to combine something they love with pumpkin that they might be unsure of.  Try this recipe for Pumpkin Cookies With Chocolate from Real Simple:

Or Pumpkin Grilled Cheese.  This Grandma would use American cheese instead of Gruyere cheese.

Or Maple Syrup Pumpkin Pie with maple syrup using store bought pie crust and canned pumpkin.


Happy Halloween!






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