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Yiddish Words That Will Serve You well In Life and ToTranscend Generations From the Past to the Future

This Grandma, born in a displaced person’s camp in Germany, knew the power of the Yiddish language from the phrases my parents used and the stories my parents told.   One such story was that President Eisenhower had gathered together Yiddish speaking American soldiers stationed in Europe to come to the displaced persons’ camps after World […]

What Grandmas Know About Babies Sleeping Through The Night Predates the Studies and Shows The Value of Experience

There is no better teacher than experience when it comes to babies and sleeping through the night.  Grandmas have the edge over the studies.  New parents hold their precious cargo and the joy of the newborn is overwhelming. . . until the first night home from the hospital when caring for the newborn is overwhelming.  […]

How Long Can We Go: The Definition of Aging Other Than the Passage of Years And Our “Health Span

This Grandma is compulsive about much, and reading as many articles about studies on aging is one of those compulsions that seems to grow stronger as I near age seventy.  Sometimes, it is easy to see where the studies are going, and they tend to be good for us Boomers in most ways.  The New […]

Grandmas Getting Grandchildren To Eat Vegetables and Healthy Means Hide Them, Flaunt Them, or Repeat Them

When it comes to getting grandchildren to eat vegetables, this Grandma reminds grandmas everywhere of our mantra: grandparenting is all joy and no responsibility.  Getting grandchildren to eat vegetables and healthy is not our problem, but we can make it our fun. There seems to be three categories or theories about getting children to eat […]

Winnie the Pooh is “Young Old” and New Again at Age 90 and It’sTime to Introduce him to Our Grandchildren in Our Complicated World

This Grandma has decided that we of the Boomer generation will remain “young old,” vibrant and active, at age 90.  Our parents’ generation, through GG (great grandmother) as its spokesperson said one is “old old” at age 84, when life changes and one must slow down.  We Boomers will remain the eternal generation that changed […]

Picking A Perfect Pumpkin and What to Do and Eat Afterwards

This Grandma did not realize there was an art to selecting the best pumpkin.  If you are with me, then the internet is a treasure trove of information. 1. The pumpkin should be heavy. 2. Look for soft spots, mold, or wrinkles that look like the pumpkin may have started to spoil.  Place the pumpkin […]

Halloween 2016: Continuing Rituals and Traditions and New Rages

One of this Grandma’s mantras is to create rituals and traditions with grandchildren because that is what they will remember from their childhoods, and we want them to remember us fondly always.  See posts on creating rituals and traditions.*   So, this Grandma and Grandpa buy each grandchild their Halloween costume each year and the picture […]

That Intelligence Comes From the Mother’s Side Is New Science But We Grandparents Can Contribute With Encouragement, Stimulation and Nourishment in the Grandchildren’s Environment

Both of our son-in-laws have jokingly commented at different points in time that they selected the mothers of their children, our daughters, not in small measure for their brains. They were right.  It is now not a joke.  It is the results of a new scientific study that intelligence comes from the mother.  We know […]