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Buy A Boy Doll for your Grandson. . . and Your Granddaughter and Mix It Up More

When our eldest grandson was a toddler, this Grandma immediately bought him a boy doll and a stroller, in blue of course. It was hard to find a boy doll back then.  In 2014, this Grandma wrote a blog post about the need to buy a grandson a boy doll.  Take a look at “Grandma […]

Is For Profit “Day Care” in Boomer Grandparents’ Future And For Whose Benefit

This Grandma thinks about today and being “young old.”  As GG (great-grandmother) at almost age 93 lives alone and is self sufficient, this is what this Grandma views as the future.  GG has her bridge group, and loves to gamble.  Grandpa and I have other interests, but the same interest in living at home and […]

Why Real Books Are Best For Us and Our Grandchildren and How to Select Books With Our Grandchildren

We grandmas know that it is important to read to children, and it is an activity that both of us can enjoy together.  Our grandchildren are of the electronic age, and if given a preference, they want their electronics, even the babies.  Yes, they can still sit in our laps while they play, but we […]

“Young Old,” Wiser, Happier and More From Which Those Not As Fortunate in Years Can Learn

I never in a million years could imagine it could be. In younger years, I could not imagine reaching age 70. In younger years,  I thought age 70 was old. Now, I know it is “young old”  . . . .With an emphasis on the “young.” Yes, this Grandma does think it is our Boomer […]

Nutella and Bananas or Apples Combine to Make A Tasty and Healthy After School Snack or Maybe Even a Breakfast Food

The first time this Grandma heard of Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut spread similar in texture to a peanut butter spread, was in 1988.  Our eldest daughter came back from a “People to People” European teen tour after being introduced there to Nutella, and, a lifetime chocoholic (maybe due to the fact I fed her chocolate […]

How to Teach Grandchildren Our “Name Game” Rhyming Song Game From Baby to Teenager

One of the first songs this Grandma began singing to grandchildren, as soon as they connected faces with names and could call each person or thing by his or her or its name, was the “Name Game.” It was a natural. Without thinking, I went into His or her name, then the song: then continued […]

When A Boomer Grandparent Becomes An Orphan

With tears in my own eyes, this Grandma just heard of the death, minutes ago, of a long (we never say old) dear friend’s mother.  She was the second parent to die. In discussion of the death of our parents of long years, when we are ourselves are of the age of grandparents living nearly […]

The Texting Generation Versus the Telephone Generation, Both of Whom Are the Parents of Our Grandchildren, And Who Knows What the Future Communication Will Be

This Boomer Grandma has been contemplating lately, having lived almost 70 years,  how technology and communication have changed and changes so rapidly that keeping up is a job in and of itself. I saw the beginning of television and now wonder if television  as we know it is going to be ending. I remember, as […]

Teeth and Dental Health Is In the News and the Best Good News is Less Dentist Drilling Is In All of Our Futures, Especially Grandchildren

One of this Grandma’s favorite gifts to buy the grandchildren is a new battery operated toothbrush.  We adults know that we should replace a toothbrush every six months as our mouths are germ machines, and the best way to have our grandchildren do so is buy them a new toothbrush.  Also, grandchildren do not necessarily […]