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Old is New Again with Baby Names and Go Beyond the Past of Loving Grandparents to Gender Neutrality

A long (we never say old) dear grandfather friend recently told me that his newest grandson was born and named for a grandfather of the parent.  The name harkens back to those who were born in the 1920s. It is a name one hardly hears today and was never a name that one would think […]

Candied Strawberries Made With Sugar or Stevia For a Healthy Treat

Summer is strawberry season.  However, this summer a grandson complained to me that the strawberries were not sweet.  Oprah must have agreed, as in her August 2016 Oprah Magazine she included a recipe for Candied Strawberries! Oprah’s recipe uses sugar and is not a recipe that a grandma can do WITH grandchildren but can do […]

Dirt, Nuts, Bad Hygiene and Habits Such As Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking May Have A Benefit After All

Whenever a parent of a grandchild is worried about something the grandchild is or is not doing, such as sleeping through the night, or toilet training, this Grandma’s response is always, “well, he or she will be sleeping through the night when they walk down the aisle or he or she will be toilet trained […]

Best of Boston With Grandchildren or As a Multigenerational Vacation in 2016 and 2017

In 2012, this Grandma wrote a post about the Best of Boston with grandchildren. That was when we took our oldest grandson to Boston for the first time.  Now, just having returned from taking our third grandchild to Boston for his first time, we are grandparent pros at Boston! This Grandma still recommends staying in […]

Table Tennis at the Rio Olympics Gets Our Grandchildren and Us Moving and Away From Electronics for Holiday Gifts 2016

This Grandma is not athletic, but when Grandpa and I bought our children an outdoor ping pong table for our screened porch when they reached early school age (yes, that is what this was called in the 1980’s), I found something I excelled at.  I could actually beat my children.  The best was that the […]

Grandparents As the Joyful Transition to and from Sleep Away Camp as a Continuation Of Such Assistance to Parents From the Birth of the Baby Grandchild

This Grandma remembers being the first transition person, the first “overnight” for parents of our first grandchild to be away from their baby overnight.  I realized that the transition worked two ways. First, the baby, being comfortable with grandma and going to sleep and waking up with grandma without a parent present, was a transition […]

Grandparents’ Favoritism Is Real In Many Families and Its Consequences May Last Generations

Very often this Grandma is asked by grandparents if there is a difference between being the grandparents of a son’s children or a daughter’s children. I always answer that perception may be greater than reality, but it is more often than not perceived that grandparents favor the daughter’s children rather than the son’s children. That […]

Making Ice Cream and Icy Treats With Grandchildren Has Never Been Easier and May Lead to A Learning Lesson in Shopping Too

This Grandma’s cooking expertise is making reservations.  For desserts, when the grandchildren come, there are always M & M cookie ice cream sandwiches and Nestle Outshine Fruit Bars (made with real fruit or fruit juice and no sugar added) in the freezer for them.  Of course, in addition, there are always bakery chocolate chip cookies […]