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The Right Way to Bribe Kids to Read” Is Wrong

One of this Grandma’s mantras is that each family is unique and there is no right way or one way to raise kids.   The grandchildren will be fine, even if grandparents have to let their parents raise them.  After all, we did raise one of their parents.  We want to experience joy, not responsibility, with […]

Is G-Date, Grandparent Date, the Dating Service Misnamed

The Hebrew Nursing Home in Riverdale, New York, is in the news. The New York Times, July 12, 2016, reporting on it, in “Too Old For Sex: Not at This Nursing Home,” and seems to find that it is newsworthy that consenting adults in their 70s and 80s are still having intimate relationships! Really! I […]

Is the Thesaurus A Book About Dinosaurs or A Dinosaur to Our Grandchildren from Preschool to High School

Grandpa and I just saw a fabulous musical on Broadway, Bright Star, which is closing like some other fabulous musicals this season, because theater goers are choosing to spend on one very expensive ticket to Hamilton, rather than see more of Broadway’s offerings. If it makes it to your area, definitely see it. One line […]

No More Scraping The Bowl When and If Baking With Grandchildren and Throw Away Your Flour

Grandchildren love scraping the bowl of cookie dough or the like. They love it more than cleaning the bowl at the sink, although they could spend hours splashing water around “cleaning up” after baking. That is why we grandmas cover our floors and counters with old towels for easy cleanup. The grandchildren scraping the bowls […]

Pillsbury and the Girl Scouts Make and Give Us Grandmas A Sweet Deal

This past week Grandpa and I visited the grandchildren before they left for sleep away camp.  Their parents have become obsessed with healthy eating.  This is not a bad thing, other than the purging of all chocolate and candy from their home.  Fortunately, the parents of our grandchildren do not realize there is a secret […]

Summer Camp Mail For Those Grandchildren At Sleep Away Camp and Those Not

We experienced grandmas know we cannot expect mail from our summer campers, but they expect much mail from us.   The grandchildren at sleep away camp are required to send grandparents at least one letter.  I always tell the grandchildren I absolutely want only one letter, not more. I tell them that I know they love […]

Words We Use To Describe Ourselves and Others May Impact How Our Grandchildren Respect Those of Long Years

When I was in my 20’s, a slightly older friend rankled  when  this Grandma mentioned that I was getting together with “the girls.” She proceeded to call me on it. Referring to the differences of respect for men who were professionals and women who were professionals at that time, she said men never say they […]

Hot Dogs Now Have An Entire Month of Celebration Rather Than A Day, But Our Grandchildren Think They Deserve An Entire Year So Introduce Them to the Iconic Texas Tommy

September 2015, this Grandma wrote a post, “Hot Dogs Do Deserve Their Own National Day of Celebration.”  It seems that hot dogs have graduated from having a day, July 23 as National Hot Dog Day, to now having a whole month!  The month of July is National Hot Dog Month. In Oprah Magazine, July 2016, […]