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July Fourth Celebration For Grandchildren

It is not a mistake that this post is called July Fourth celebration FOR Grandchildren rather than WITH grandchildren. Summers are times for vacations and summer camp and schedules may not allow us to be with our grandchildren for a July Fourth celebration. Sleep away camps no longer allow packages, and somehow this Grandma believes […]

Think Sooner Rather Than Later in Fulfilling Passions and Bucket Lists

This past Spring month or so has been a difficult one for deaths of those we know or of whom we know in their sixties, even fifties and forties.  Spring 2016 has been more about endings than rebirth or Spring awakening for this Grandma. For some reason, this month or so, Grandpa and I heard […]

Summer 2016 Bubble Fun For All Ages

This Grandma loves watching babies watch bubbles.  This Grandma loves watching toddlers try to catch bubbles.  This Grandma loves when even the older grandchildren love giant bubbles.  Bubbles are an inexpensive wonderful visit present that brings giggles and run around fun now that summer is upon us. Oppenheimer Toy Awards on Toy Portfolio, this Grandma’s […]

Summer Floating With New Summer Pool Floats for Grandchildren

It is not often that the Oppenheimer Toy Awards fail me.  This Grandma can usually find a wonderful  award  winning toy item on  It has to be the search.  I wanted to find the best new pool floats for grandchildren, and tried many different terms to no avail.  Fortunately, a summer Learning Express catalog […]

How Boomer Grandmas Can Get Out the Message That Modern Marriage Has Changed And Can Be Wonderful If At the Right Time and With the Right Expectations

We Boomer Grandmas have a vested interest in promoting marriage in this decade.  After all, we know that a committed healthy relationship is the best breeding ground for healthy grandchildren. After recently participating in our son’s wedding, two adults in their early forties, what this Grandma calls the modern successful way to marry, and intending […]

Boomer Grandma As A Member of a Squad is New Terminology We Must Know and Use

This Grandma took the time to learn “the whip” and the “nae, nae,” the new dances that our preteen and teenaged grandchildren are doing.  You too, can learn these dances.  Look at the post: The Stroll from Boomer Grandma’s Era and the Electric Slide and Macarena from the Era of Their Parents Has Become the […]

Exploring the MET: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is a Hidden Treasure Destination for Grandchildren

Before Grandpa and I went to Easter Island, we took our grandchildren to the one place to see an Easter Island exhibit, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We marveled at the replicas of the moai, the  human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island  around 1300 AD.  Before Grandpa and I went […]

Using the Microwave to Make the Best Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert

The Today Show has the best guest chefs, and their April 29, 2016 segment with Al Roker about the famous French chef Jean-Georges (we never remember his last name which is Vongerichten), who invented the molten chocolate cake in the 1980s was wonderful. Apparently, Jean-Georges discovered this molten chocolate cake by accident. He was making […]