Postscript and More Ideas After Documenting Baby’s Growth Month By Month During the First Year With Onesies, Belly Stickers and Huge Stuffed Animals

CardsA dear long (we never say old) grandma friend just celebrated her youngest granddaughter’s first birthday.  During the baby’s first year, she forwarded me a picture of her youngest granddaughter each month wearing a onesie (one piece baby suit) in each picture that has a number and design of the month of her age, one month birthday, two month birthday, etc. next to a huge teddy bear.   It was her daughter-in-law’s idea to show the baby growing and bigger size each month next to the huge teddy bear.  The daughter-in-law was smart enough to plan this during her pregnancy and put the needed items on her baby registry.   See post as to the specifics of how to do this.

While at the baby’s first birthday party, my dear long grandma friend sent me a picture of the decorations her daughter-in-law put together for the event.  There was a huge banner, and hanging from the banner were twelve pictures — the photographs of the baby girl growing each month.  How clever!  It looked like ribbon with clothes pins holding each photograph.  Take a look at what Martha Stewart’s version and how to make it.

Etsy has many elaborate clothes pin garlands one can buy.

Pottery Barn Kids has a birthday garland and accessories. This can be of help to make one’s own or an easy alternative to add pictures to.

How creative is this daughter-in-law!

Now that there are twelve pictures of this adorable baby girl, it is easy to create a calendar for family.  This Grandma loves Shutterfly for ease of use.

Or use Shutterfly to create a special photo album celebrating the baby’s first year.

Or a collage in a frame for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Grandparents’ Day.

The grandchild’s first year is so important to the family and there are so many ways to share the daughter-in-law’s creativity that started it all with planning during the pregnancy and on the baby registry!





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