Etch A Sketch and Doodle Art is Part of Our Past But Is It Also Part of Our Grandchildren’s Future

DoodleEtch a Sketch was created by a French inventor in 1955, according to a business “Briefing” in the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, February 13, 2016, bought by Ohio Art in 1960, and has now been sold to a toy company in Toronto, Canada. It is considered a “surprise move.” This Grandma wonders why.

I remember playing with Etch A Sketch as a child. I have purchased Etch a Sketch for our children and grandchildren. It does not appear as an Oppenheimer Toy Award Toy on Toy Portfolio. I guess because it is a ‘classic,” as we grandmas are. It requires no batteries, has no electronics, and allows creativity and imagination to shine through. It is still a number one best seller on Amazon though.

I have even purchased the pocket size for camp packages.

It seems that doodle art has evolved and Ohio Art had a big part in the evolution. So, Ohio Art Company sold Etch A Sketch and its spinoff, Doodle Sketch to Spin Master Corporation. Doodle Sketch is the next generation of imagination art. It even comes in a Frozen version.

Another effort by Ohio Art, Magna doodle, is an Oppenheimer Award Winner, a classic and gets their Blue Chip (classic award).

Doodle Sketch does not appear as an Oppenheimer Toy Award Toy on

Putting just “doodle” into the search engine, up comes a winner in the form of a Spin Master toy! Now we see the company connections and this all makes sense. Glodoodle, by Spinmaster, is a Platinum (highest) award winner in 2009! This is the review: “Here’s the newest twist on your old Magna Doodle. This see-through drawing board writes in three colors and glows in the dark. Give the magic button a push and the board is clean and ready for the next doodle or spelling word or math fact. This toy works well in the back seat of a car at night or for tic tac toe games. For family fun let one of the kids keep score of your 20 Questions game on the drive to wherever. Earlier models of the toy had some problems with erasing. The newest model fared better with most of our testers with one notable exception. So we feel somewhat torn about this award–on the one hand, it is a really cool concept, but of course if you get a dud, then it doesn’t matter how great the product is supposed to be. If you have gotten an earlier model or just having a problem with the eraser – return it for a newer model. This takes three AA batteries and has to be turned off manually…no automatic timer, so be forewarned!”

Bells and whistles are what the grandchildren now want. And more companies have come into the mix in this arena of clean doodle art.

I know I have purchased many Aquadoodles for the grandchildren. The gimmick is the water contained art doodle. The parents of our grandchildren like the mess free art project that has longevity– goes from 24 months to 10 years. Again, no batteries or electronics so a toy this Grandma recommends. Oppenheimer gives it a gold award and says, “great for developing hand and arm movements needed for writing without restrictive lines.”

I bought 2009 Platinum Award winning Doodle Track Cars for grandchildren. Look at the review and you will buy it too:

“Wait till you try these amazing little vehicles that will follow any dark line you draw! These Doodle-Track vehicles are truly magical! Bring home a blue or red sports car. Small enough to fit in your hand, yet these are loaded with play power. Each vehicle comes with it’s own set of colorful stickers, a thick black marker and a small pre-drawn track. The little vehicles have an optical sensor that will follow lines drawn by a thick washable marker or crayon. The company also plans to make tracks with signs and seasonal decorative themes available on line that kids can download and print out at This is a wonderfully open-ended toy that allows kids to dream up new ways of playing. Add original tracks into block settings or create your own raceway for multiple Doodle-Track vehicles to run. This comes under the heading of many good things come in small packages! Requires 2 AAA batteries. Marked 4 & up. We think this will be enjoyed by older kids as well…not to mention their parents.”

Buy at Amazon.

If you fast forward to 2014 Oppenheimer Toy Award winners in doodle art, Creativity for Kids, a great company for encouraging imagination has three doodle winners: “Tape a Doodle Fashion Designer,” for ages 6-15. Buy at Amazon. Tape a Doodle Extreme, for the same ages available at Amazon; and Tape a Doodle Arts and Crafts, for ages 7 years and up and the highest rated of the three on Amazon.

This Grandma loves the hands on, cutting, taping, drawing, creation of the evolution of our classic toy. But, advancements in doodling have now come to doodle apps on electronics! Our grandchildren like their creativity and imagination in one place–one electronics. And most of the apps are free. And for all ages. Explore on The Itunes App Store.

But, remember, sharing our childhood interests our grandchildren too. Get them an Etch A Sketch. Tell them the story of Etch A Sketch and your memories, and bring them through the generations of doodle art. So many of the doodle art is reasonably priced and makes a great visit present. Find a doodle app they love. Then, imagine with them what the future of doodle art can be in their lifetime and for their children with



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