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Every Day is A Good Day For a Sugarwish Especially When We Need Something to Send to a Grandchild IMMEDIATELY

This Grandma is always looking for something new and something special for grandchildren. But sometimes we need something at the last minute. Sometimes a special event slips us by. Sometimes a reward is warranted for a job well done. Sometimes we need a gift going to a grandchild IMMEDIATELY. Even Amazon Prime delivery may not […]

Our Grandchildren Will Grow Up Just Fine Even Though We Are Not Raising Them, Even In Today’s Society When the Parents May Or May Not Be Married

A brand-new grandpa came up to me to show me the pictures of his new granddaughter. He was beaming just like all new grandparents. He said that his son was not married to the mother of the baby and that he wishes the mother was a better mother. I told him our job as grandparents […]

When Grandchildren Can Communicate Grandma Life Becomes Even Better

This week, Grandpa spoke to a friend, a new grandpa, who was very excited to have a new baby granddaughter. Grandpa said, “just wait. You think it cannot get better, but it does. Just wait until she is older and can communicate.” He is absolutely right. When Grandchildren can communicate, grandparent life becomes even better. […]

Depression of Either or Both Parents of Our Grandchildren, Before or After the Birth, is Something We Grandmas Can Identify and Should

Within the last few weeks, pre and post partem depression is in the news, first for women. At the end of January 2016, the United States Preventive Services Task Force issued new recommendations that women should be screened during pregnancy and after childbirth for depression. New findings show that as many as half the cases […]

A Life Well Lived and What We Can Learn When We Boomer Grandmas Start Reading Obituaries

This Grandma cannot remember when I started reading obituaries, but it seems that the obituary page is one that now catches my eye. Oh my! A long (we never say old) dear friend also cannot remember when she started reading the obituary page, but she said she always looks at the ages of the deceased. […]

On Bitmoji and Grandchildren Educating Boomer Grandma

This Grandma loves electronics when with grandchildren. They know everything about everything when it comes to electronics. Finally, this Grandma inquired. How is it that you find everything so easily on electronics? The youngest, age four, said, push buttons. Okay, this Grandma gets that. The youngest do not have any fear of electronics. They have […]

When Candy and Gifts May Cost Less Than Greeting Cards, Getting the Best Bargains for Grandchildren For Valentine’s Day and Such Holidays Means Signing Up On Line

It has happened twice in less than six months. This Grandma was one of the first intrepid on line shoppers. This Grandma was one of the first to sign up on PayPal, which allows additional security for on line purchases. In the process, I signed up on the various on line version of retailers that […]

Comparing Florida’s Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Legoland is A Waste of Time, and So Is Legoland a Waste of Time, So Save Your Time and Money For Disney With Tips Galore

This Grandma loves spoiling grandchildren. I think it is my duty at this point in my life. I get the most pleasure in providing pleasure to my grandchildren. The middle grandson, now age 8, is a Lego fanatic. Yes, of course, he is a genius at Legos, and can put together those sets made for […]

If Grandma’s Brother Did Not Know Of These Tax Breaks for Newly Retired, Then They Must Be Very Special, Or Just Move to Florida

My brother has been a business whiz since before he was a teenager. He is the long time business advisor for family and friends alike. When he sent me a link and said, “some I did know about,” what was astonishing to this Grandma was that there were then some he did not know about. […]

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mini Dessert Sandwiches From a Famous Chef Add to Grandma’s Collection of Decedent Unhealthy But Delicious Treats With Which To Spoil Grandchildren

This Grandma always looks for decedent unhealthy but delicious treats with which to spoil grandchildren. Who would have thought I would find something outrageously tempting in a recipe in People Magazine. Trying to find the recipe on line without purchasing Jacques Pepin’s cookbook, “Jacques Pepin Heart & Soul in the Kitchen,” is impossible. He calls […]

Fast Forward From C-Sections Unnecessary and Dangerous to Not Enough Shows Pendulum Swings Too Far are Dangerous and Unnecessary Or Is It In the Reporting of the Studies

When our oldest grandson was born in 2003, our older daughter had an emergency c-section as the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. Of course, we grandparents were relieved he was healthy and his mother was okay, but the general medical position was against C-sections, Caesarean section surgeries. This was the general belief at […]

The Number of the First Baby Boomers Turning 70 in 2016 is Mindboggling and So Are The Changes We Faced and Face Today

So many of my Boomer grandma friends refuse to read the AARP Bulletin. I find it fascinating and the information helpful to my life. Maybe my Boomer grandma friends just rely upon me to give them whatever information I find helpful in the Bulletin, or maybe just even picking up the Bulletin with the name […]