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Cookie Exchanges Are Abundant in Holiday Season With Cookie Recipes For Every State and Every Grandma To Make Or Buy the Best for Grandchildren

Last evening a dear long (we never say old) friend said she was invited to a cookie exchange. She declined, as this Grandma would, as we are of the grandmas who make reservations or bake cookies with our grandchildren for our grandchildren only. Then, this morning, on the Today Show, the talk was of cookie […]

Creating Wonderful Lasting Memories for Grandchildren in the New Year 2016 With the Five Things Children Remember of Their Childhood

One of this Grandma’s mantras is that children remember most the traditions and rituals from their childhood. That is why getting together for holidays and special family events is so important. That is why creating an annual photo album for the grandchild is so important. Memorializing family traditions and rituals helps keep them alive for […]

Grandchildren May Learn A Lot By Their Introduction to Frank Sinatra On His Centennial And We May Have A Great Holiday Gift for The Great Grandparents

Frank Sinatra would be 100 years old December 12, 2015. He is not really of our era, but of the GG (great grandparent) era as a singer. I remember our GG (great grandmother) telling us how she skipped school to see Frank Sinatra at the Paramount when she was in high school. Every time the […]

Active Shooter Training and How to Talk to Grandchildren About Terrorism Are Things We Grandmas All Must Know

This Grandma has had active shooter training from our brave and courageous local law enforcement. The trainers said to pass along the information to everyone you know. In the last month with the shootings in Paris and California, law enforcement interviewed by news media has passed along the information, especially one female police chief when […]

BabyCenter Top Baby Names For 2015 Impacted By Instagram Filters But Parents to Be Still Into Empire, Royalty and Stars, Literally has released its survey of the top 2015 baby names from data from more than 340,000 parents in the world. It says its survey is “unofficial,” because Social Security also has a list that is supposedly “official.” There seem to be three identifiable sources of new popular baby names in 2015. First, all the […]

Next Generation “of Baby Monitors is NOT a Grandma Must Buy And Sticking With Video Baby Monitors is Still the Best

Time Magazine, November 30-December 7, 2015, listed the 25 best inventions of 2015. One of the 25 best was listed as “the next-gen baby monitor,” available for preorder at The blurb said, “Is my baby O.K.? That’s the question Sproutling aims to answer-in real time–with its first product. Once in place, the Fitbit-like device […]

Grandma Should Have Ice Packs and Heating Pads and Band Aids Ready For Grandchildren with RICE

When a grandchild hurts or gets hurt, we grandmas jump into action. Whereas a parent says tough it out and it will be okay, it is the grandma who scoops up the grand child and cuddles and hugs. This Grandma always wonders if she should ice or use heat. The New York Times, November 10, […]

What is It About the Holiday Season that Makes One Dream of Cakes or Pies, the New Piecaken, or Cupcake Sandwiches or Winning an HGTV Sweepstakes

This Grandma loves HGTV since staying up all hours rocking newborn grandchildren. My newest favorite show is Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines from Waco Texas and their family are adorable and addictive. Joanna is extremely talented. The homes they renovate are spectacular. It is best, though, to record and be able to fast forward […]

Grandmas Love National Cookie Day Every Day And Here Are Cookie Recipes and Two Back Stories About Cookies To Share With Grandchildren Including the Coveted Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Our youngest daughter’s first word was “cookie.” This Grandma is convinced it was due to GG (her grandmother) caring for her regularly while I finished graduate school and worked. What grandma does not love giving cookies to grandchildren! December 4 is National Cookie Day and The New York Times on line concentrates on cookies and […]

Mashed Potato Pancakes That Can Follow the Thanksgiving Baked Potato Bar For Chanukah as Well as All Family Get Togethers

This year at Thanksgiving, being weight conscious and gluten free conscious, the mother of our youngest daughter came up with the idea of a baked potato bar. It was an instant hit and an easy addition to the traditional holiday dinner. Here is the recipe this Grandma compiled after reviewing many on the internet. The […]

Starting School Later and Prolonging Preschool Play Helps Our Grandchildren Mentally Which Is Why It Helps Them Academically

A new study from Stamford University is great news for the parents of our grandchildren. Increasingly both public and private schools want children to start school later. Parents are torn. They believe there are academic advantages to starting school later, but worry about the social aspect. Now, in the study, “The Gift of Time? School […]

The 2015 Best Holiday Gifts For Grandma From Grandchildren

This Grandma does not want grandchildren to spend much money on a holiday gift. Previous posts recommend a photograph of the grandchild in an inexpensive frame, or a puzzle. See this post. Then two sources of valuable information for this Grandma each had an excellent idea. Again, the ideas are great, one less expensive than […]

Great Grandmother’s Remedy of Epsom Salt Baths In Vogue Today For Everything From Colds to Sleep Aid To Sore Muscles To Calming Children and Here is How to Do It

Our GG (great grandmother, my mother) used to add Epsom salts to this grandma’s bath when she was a child as a cure all. She told us it was a cure for so much handed down in her family in Europe. We had Epsom salt baths sparingly, but GG luxuriated in her Epsom salt baths […]

This Grandma Wishes the Technology to Track Children on A Cell Phone was Available When Her Children Were Young and Here is How to Do It

On the Today Show, November 20, 2015, the discussion was whether parents should track their children on a cell phone. Savannah Guthrie said the smartest thing. She said that she would not drop off her child in a strange city in the middle of a bad neighborhood. She said internet use and cell phone use […]

Think Puzzles For Under Twenty Dollar Holiday Presents For Grandchildren of All Ages And From Grandchildren For Us Boomer Grandmas

This Grandma always knew puzzles are good for our grand children’s brains, but not exactly why, so I went on line, and found the following on this site. “Human mind has two separate hemispheres or lobes called right and left-brain with each one dealing in different functions. Right brain deals with emotions and performs tasks […]

InstaMom, the New Stage Mother, and What This Means in Our New Society and For Our Grandchildren

Reading a New York Times article, November 14, 2015, about mothers hiring professional photographers and setting their children up with social media accounts and followers, making money off their children, reminded me of Brooke Shields or Brittany Spears or Drew Barrymore as children. I initially thought it is just what has occurred in America for […]