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Documenting Baby’s Growth Month By Month During the First Year With Onesies, Belly Stickers and Huge Stuffed Animals Makes For Wonderful Baby Gifts From Grandma For Holidays or As a Wonderful Baby Shower Gift

A dear long (we never say old) grandma friend sends me a picture of her youngest granddaughter each month. The adorable baby girl is wearing a onesie (one piece baby suit) in each picture that has a number and design of the month of her age, one month birthday, two month birthday, etc. It is […]

Crayons From Star Wars to Body to Books To Creativity Are A Forever Hit With Grandchildren Beginning With Toddlers to Older Grandchildren Especially At the Holidays 2015

The New York Times best seller list has two picture books, number two and three, by Drew Daywalt, from his series on crayons for children ages 3-7. Number two is “The Day the Crayons Came Home,” about “a reunion of wayward colors.” Number three is “The Day the Crayons Quit.” On Amazon, “The Day the […]

Award Winning Toys and Games Sure to Be Winners With Our Grandchildren and a Winner for the Grandchildren to Get for Grandma This Holiday Season 2015

We grandmas want the toys we buy to be winners, toys our grandchildren will play with again and again. The best place to look is the Oppenheimer Toy Awards at I like to go to the platinum award winners first. Oppenheimer paired with the Today Show and presented some of the best of the […]

Pew Study on the NewTwenty First Century Family Shows Who Does the Heavy Lifting in the Family Has Not Changed Much and They Need Our Help More Than Ever

Two articles a week apart in the New York Times about a Pew Study on the new twenty first century family give us two views by the same author, Claire Cane Miller. In the first article, November 4, 2015, “Stressed, Tired, Rushed: A Portrait of the Modern Family,” she focused on how the Pew survey […]

We Boomer Grandmas Know Time Flies As We Get Longer, Never Older, and Here is Why and What We Can Do About Slowing Time Down

The Washington Post answered the question for us why time flies, in the article. “Why half of the life you experience is over by age 7,” by Ana Swanson, July 23, 2015. Here is the link to the entire article and graphs that are descriptive of the theories. “There’s a reason that one summer seems […]

The Stroll from Boomer Grandma’s Era and the Electric Slide and Macarena from the Era of Their Parents Has Become the Whip for Our Grandchildren

Doing Face Time with grandchildren is the next best thing to being with them in person. It allows us to share their lives, see them when we cannot touch them, and be with them as best we can when we grandmas are physically at a distance. I love Face Time. Last night, when this Grandma […]

Get Your Grandchild, Even Your Toddler and Preschool Grandchild, An iPad or iPad Mini For A Birthday Present or the Holidays With The Following Indispensible Accessories and Tips To Go With It

A dear, long (we never say old) friend called me to ask what she should get her granddaughter for her second birthday. The first words out of my mouth were to get her an iPad. Now that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is on the side of us grandmas and have finally brought their […]

Easiest and Best Thanksgiving Boomer Grandma Tips and Easiest and Best Thanksgiving Stuffing To Make With Grandchildren

This Grandma makes reservations. Holidays are an exception, although the best tip for grandmas at holiday time is to turn over the cooking and baking to the parents of the grandchildren and offer to watch the grandchildren instead. This is wonderful! We get spoiling time and give their parents the heavy holiday lifting. Now that […]

The Pressure to Breast Feed and New Breast Feeding Studies Give Mixed Messages Which We Grandmas Can Clarify For the Parents of our Grandchildren

When this Grandma was pregnant over four decades ago, it seems like the Middle Ages with regard to information about pregnancy, delivery, and newborns. We did not have the instantaneous information stream that exists now. We could not even learn the sex of the baby or, for that matter, much of anything else. Our best […]

Black is the New Black For Which This Grandma will be Remembered With A Forever Message To Add

Each of us Boomer Grandmas were raised in the 1950’s and 1960’s learning that either winter colors (red, black, white, navy) would look better on us if we had darker hair and were of darker skin tone or summer colors (pink, baby blue, light purple) would look better on us if we had lighter hair […]

American History Comes Alive For Us and Our Preteen and Older Grandchildren So Run, Do Not Walk, To See the Play of the Century, Hamilton

This Grandma is very lucky that her best friend from high school lives in Manhattan. She knows our love of theater and lets us in on the newest and the best plays and musicals when the buzz is new in New York City. When we get an email from her about a new musical or […]

Hess Holiday Toy Truck Tradition Remains Alive For 2015 and We Grandmas Can Turn it into A Family Tradition

Our grandsons love getting their Hess holiday toy trucks every year from their other grandparents. Remember, children remember traditions and rituals more than time spent with them. When the grandchildren grow up, their memories will be full of those traditions and rituals and the guilt we have over our inability to spend as much time […]