Skinny Oreos Add to the Oreo Boom but the Best for Grandchildren and Their Parents are Chocolate Covered Oreos We Make At Home Or Send Off Beautifully Wrapped For the Holidays

Chocolate-Dipped Oreo PopsA skinny version of Oreos debuts in the U.S. next week, its maker says. Four Oreo Thins contain 140 calories, compared with 160 calories for three regular Oreos. How do they shave off 20 calories? By putting in less filling. Already, those who take Oreos apart, a great deal of us, are complaining how hard it is to take them apart. It will be interesting to see if 20 calories make for a hit like the rest of “The Oreo Boom” described in New York Magazine, September 21-October 4, 2015 by Sierra Tishgart.

There was so much in the article that this Grandma did not know:

Which trademarked foods are older than Oreos?

Triscuits 1902
Animal Crackers 1902
Campbell’s tomato soup 1897
Jell-O 1897
Fig Newtons 1891


Oreos were introduced in 1912 but did not get its ridge pattern until 1952. It wasn’t until recently that is no longer contains lard and trans fat.

Ms. Tishgart explains why Oreos are a hit with us:

“Oreo hits a “bliss point” where flavors peak and leave you wanting more that few products achieve. . . .The combination of the soft cream and the hard cookie appeals to everybody. . . .You can play with it: split it apart, lick the cream, dunk the cookie. Part of its appeal is the ability to do things.”

A chef is quoted as saying, “you don’t realize how salty and bitter the cookie is unless you eat it on its own. It’s that against the super-sweet fondant.”

How much of a hit are Oreos? According to Ms. Tishgart, “The Oreo facebook page has 40 million likes. It is the fifth most liked brand page in the world.”

Skinny oreos may add to the Oreo boom but best for grandchildren are chocolate covered oreos we make at home. It is so easy. Just melt chocolate (milk, dark, white, or chocolate chips) in the microwave, cover the Oreos with the chocolate, and decorate with M & Ms or sprinkles. Let harden and enjoy! For specific instructions click here.

There is even a recipe for chocolate covered Oreo pops that is easy to follow.

For those grandmas too busy or too far away, just a click will send chocolate covered Oreos to the grandchildren in simple wrapping or fancy wrapping as a holiday gift:

It’s never too early to think of the holiday season approaching! Even adults would love a gift of chocolate covered Oreos! Forget the skinny kind with





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