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Mother-in Law Day is for Mother in law to be Deserving of the Honor of Having a Day Named After Her

Mother-in-Law Day is October 25 this year, celebrated the fourth Sunday in October since 2002. If you read about this day, one would think that the day is to honor the mothers-in-law among us. This Grandma says no. Mother-in-law Day is for mothers-in-law to remember to follow a few simple tips to be assured of […]

Adults Making Millions Playing With Toys on YouTube Videos And Why Did We Not Think of This Silliness

Twenty somethings are doing it, according to the Today Show October 16, 2015. Even more mature adults are doing it. The goofy videos our grandchildren are watching on YouTube are a multi million dollar industry. One of the most popular video stars, Cutie Pie made $12 million this year playing video games on You Tube […]

Experiment with Baking No Mixer Easy Cupcakes on National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Yes, it does seem that every day is a special day. Cupcakes are special, but it seems that chocolate cupcakes make it to have their own special day each October 18. According to, we really do not know the origin of the day but we do know the origin of cupcakes: “Cupcakes can be […]

Skinny Oreos Add to the Oreo Boom but the Best for Grandchildren and Their Parents are Chocolate Covered Oreos We Make At Home Or Send Off Beautifully Wrapped For the Holidays

A skinny version of Oreos debuts in the U.S. next week, its maker says. Four Oreo Thins contain 140 calories, compared with 160 calories for three regular Oreos. How do they shave off 20 calories? By putting in less filling. Already, those who take Oreos apart, a great deal of us, are complaining how hard […]

Grandma as the Storyteller and the Importance of Rituals and Traditions for Our Grandchildren

This Grandma just had the privilege of visiting Canyon Ranch in Tucson. On the way to their Health and Healing Center, I came upon a large outdoor sculpture of a grandmother with many different children around her. The title and explanation of the statue is as follows: “Grandmother storyteller. “ “The storytelling ritual existed for […]

American Academy of Pediatrics Comes Into the Twenty First Century Regarding Electronics and Children Just in Time to Stop Parental Guilt Over Parents’ Reality

This Grandma never understood the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations that children, ages two and under, have absolutely no exposure to screens and for other children limiting screen time to under two hours a day. Being a grandma, electronics are the best thing to be discovered and I could not care what the recommendations […]

Fast Food Stable and Staple in Our Grandchildren’s Diet

The New York Times reported on September 16, 2016 that “About one-third of American children and teens eat pizza or other fast food every day, a government report released today shows. That’s unchanged from the 1990s.” The 1990’s is when we grandmas went into the workplace in droves and fed our children fast food in […]

To This Day, Play Dough Does Not Appear in Grandma’s House But Learning its History and How To Make It At Home Led to The Best Website For Instructions To Homemade Anything

The youngest grandson, age four, loves Play Dough. And his mother actually allows it in her home. It may be because she was deprived as a child. This Grandma hated the crumbles, sticky mess, the difficulty cleaning up. Maybe improved since it beginnings. The New York Times, September 16, 2015 gave us the Back Story […]

The Five Best Tips from Grandma This 2015 Halloween Season

Before I began this post, this Grandma actually put the word “Halloween” into the search on this website. There are eight previous posts about Halloween and Halloween tips. They include, in my opinion of course, great ideas for grandma to make Halloween wonderful for the grandchildren. So, what, I asked myself, is left for me […]

Share the History and Life Lessons of Charlie Brown and Peanuts at Their 65th Anniversary, Halloween and with the new Peanuts Movie

The New York Times Backstory, on line October 2, 2015, explained the story behind Charlie Brown, Charles Scultz, it’s creator, and the Peanuts comic strip. Who knew it was 65 years old, a Boomer generation creation! Here is what the New York Times shared: “The “Peanuts” comic strip first appeared 65 years ago today in […]