Lego Company Already the Most Powerful Brand and May be the world’s Biggest Toy Company With Help From Boomer Grandmas

Lego CompanyLego Company is all over the news. This Grandma watches for all stories about legos, as this is a favorite of grandchildren. So is Mindcraft. Now Lego wants to take over Mindcraft too!

In Forbes, “LEGO Worlds’ Takes On Minecraft,” the author, Andy Robertson, says:

“Hot on the heels of LEGO Dimensions comes another long expected innovation from the house of brick, LEGO Minecraft. Or as it will be called LEGO Worlds.

Under an open world banner of “explore, create, discover” LEGO Worlds offers an almost endless array of procedurally-generated starting Worlds made entirely of LEGO bricks.”

“Once generated, as with Minecraft, you are free to manipulate and dynamically populate with LEGO to your hearts content. As players progress and explore each World they can unlock new themes and abilities ranging from cowboys and giraffes to vampires and polar bears, to steamrollers, race cars, and colossal digging machines!”

“A range of environment shaping tools enable colossal building tasks to be achieved. Raise terrain to create huge mountains or piece together intricate constructions brick-by-brick.”

“Player creations can then be saved for later use and shared with the community. The world can be populated a range of characters, creatures, models and vehicles. These are suggested as building blocks to create adventures although whether game mechanics are include as in Disney Infinity’s toy box is unclear.”

“LEGO Worlds is currently in Early Access on Steam and will have features added over time. Current features include Procedurally Generated Worlds, Terra-forming and Building tools, Discoveries and Unlocks, Ride-able Creatures and Vehicles and of course a Day/Night Cycle.”

Wow! See it here.

Yes, this is for our older grandchildren, but you would be surprised how young our grandchildren are competent with technology. Even our eight year old is hooked on Mindcraft.

Our four year old just asked for Lego race cars for his age, and of course Lego has everything any grandchild would desire. Even for two year olds:

If you do not know about the Lego Company, N. Y. Times BACK STORY February 25, 2015 by Victoria Shannon, told us all we did not know:

“The Lego Movie” may not have won any Oscar nominations, but the Danish toy company that makes the ubiquitous plastic blocks had a great 2014. Lego is vying with Mattel, the maker of Barbie and Fisher Price, for the title of world’s biggest toy company, after it reported today that revenue rose 13 percent last year and net profit gained 15 percent. And last week, Lego overtook Ferrari as the world’s most powerful brand, according to a study by a consulting company.”

“Lego first started with wooden toys made by a carpenter, Ole Kirk Christiansen, in Denmark in 1932. He later began making plastic interlocking bricks. The modern Lego dates to 1958. (The company name is an abbreviation of “leg godt,” the Danish words for “play well.”)
Legos have been used to make 3-D printers, a miniature Brooklyn Bridge and a full-scale model of a “Star Wars” X-Wing fighter, the largest-ever Lego sculpture, which required more than five million blocks.”

1932! Even older than the oldest of us Boomer Grandmas. A winner we can share with our grandchildren at every age with



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