The Skim” Connects Us to the Parents of Our Grandchildren

The SkimmThe news media is heralding a new era. We Boomers are of the newspaper generation. I still like my morning newspaper – or I should say, three morning newspapers. Recently, I have cut back to two daily deliveries–The Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel, both local newspapers. I keep the New York Times delivery for the weekend, and read it on line during the week. We Boomers also get our news from television.

The parents of our grandchildren have shifted to the internet for their news, and I love that some news is delivered instantaneously–for example, via Twitter. After all, we know how “Instagram” got its name. I signed up on the New York Times to get a daily email of highlights of the news of the day, and have come to love the snippets of news I receive.

Our daughter was visiting and commenting about a new source of news on line that she loves. We discussed how clever the news seemed on the website she showed me and how the perspective was interesting. As do my grandchildren, she took my I Phone and immediately signed me up for “The Skim.” I now receive The Skim daily email blasts to compare with the New York Times daily blasts.

Jon Stewarts’s sense of humor and take on the news has found a new outlet in “The Skim.” For example, take a look at this “quote of the day:”


“I think they’ll find it cool” – Why MasterCard thinks the youngins will like a feature that needs a selfie to verify your identity. Because there’s nothing like looking yourself in the eye before making an impulse purchase.”

Keep up with the parents of your grandchildren. Have them put some of their new internet news sources on your electronics. Sign up on and get daily news snippets from a new angle. It is wonderful to be able to relate to that generation and have lots to share.

As a matter of fact, if the parents of your grandchildren have not yet discovered Theskimm, you can just show how cool you are! Send them a “quote of the day” with the link.



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