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Text4Baby is the New Technology For Parents and Grandparents

When this Grandma was a new mother, I had little information at my fingertips. Dr. Spock was it. Yes, we too felt that our parents were into olden times and old ideas. It actually took until I became a grandma to realize that sometimes the old ideas are the best. I now use so much […]

A New Marvel Brings A New Reason to Bring Grandchildren to New York City To Experience Being A Fish Under The Sea

We grandmas know that New York City is the number one city to bring grandchildren. This Grandma has written posts previously of the wonderful experiences that await grandchildren of all ages in New York City. We grandmas already know of the fabulous carousel in Central Park at 64th street. We already know about the […]

Lego Company Already the Most Powerful Brand and May be the world’s Biggest Toy Company With Help From Boomer Grandmas

Lego Company is all over the news. This Grandma watches for all stories about legos, as this is a favorite of grandchildren. So is Mindcraft. Now Lego wants to take over Mindcraft too! In Forbes, “LEGO Worlds’ Takes On Minecraft,” the author, Andy Robertson, says: “Hot on the heels of LEGO Dimensions comes another long […]

Egyptian Eye or Egg in A Hole Makes a Great Grandchild Meal For Breakfast or Anytime

Visiting my older grandchildren, my oldest grandson wanted to make breakfast. He learned a new recipe from his other grandmother. He said he was going to make an Egyptian Eye. This Grandmother never heard of such a thing. It was delicious. Soon after, The New York Times, had a recipe for egg in a hole. […]

Making A Bed Is A Key To Success To Encourage in Grandchildren

The Today Show had a segment and story on “Will making your bed every morning change your life?” By Randee Dawn, August 27, 2015. She says, “Mom, as usual, was right. She may have nagged you to do it all throughout your childhood, but it turns out that making your bed is the one […]

AARP Which Accepts Us As Members At Age 50 Warns Us of Our Body Taking Over With Yuck Factors Assigned

This Grandma still wonders how AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) still thinks we want to be members at age 50. When around age 50, this Boomer Grandma gave gift memberships to those turning 50 as a gag gift. Now closer to age 70, membership in AARP is no longer a gag. Some of The […]

Forbes Top 25 Innovative Consumer Products for 2015 Has Some Winners For This Grandma

Forbes Magazine had a tweet August 14, 2015, about the 2015 top 25 innovative consumer products. This Grandma was curious. Included in the list are mattresses, breweries and beer, and mostly organic food and drink. Here are the consumer products that caught this Grandma’s eye: Number One is a product we Grandmas should pay attention […]

Eight Tips of What to Do or Not Do When You Want to be a Grandma but the Future Parents to be Are Not Cooperating

This Grandma writes often about our generation not being our parents’ generation. I speak of it about the way we think, the way we act, the way we feel, and that we intend to be forever young. But, we do want to be grandparents–the reward after the hard work of being parents. Similarly, this generation […]

The Trauma of Auto Correct and Siri for This Boomer Grandma

I thought it was only me. I readily admit that I am mechanically challenged. I want to be able to use all the electronics my grandchildren do and how they do it. Every time I am with my grandchildren, I learn something new. This visit, my granddaughter taught me how to text more than one […]

After Oppenheimer Toy Award Winners Determined, The Value of Zulily and This Grandma Finding Each Other Confirmed by the Skimm

This Grandma LOVES The Oppenheimer Toy awards listed on t he website provide mountains of ideas to buy gifts for grandchildren for every occasion or no occasion. As stated on the website, “Educator, parent & kid testing goes into each product considered for an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award. We don’t accept ads or charge […]

Grandparents’ Day Celebrated By A Grandma Giving to Children and Grandchildren and Creating a Legacy and Memory to Last

Since 1978, Grandparents’ Day has been a holiday in the U.S., celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day. In 2015, Grandparents’ Day is September 13. According to Wikipedia, in February, 1977, “ Congress passed the legislation proclaiming the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents’ Day and, on August 3, 1978, then-President Jimmy Carter […]

Grandma’s Top three Tips to Help the Marriage of the Parents of the Grandchildren Avoid the Doldrums

In this Grandma’s era of a mid term marriage in the doldrums, it was called the “seven year itch.” Now, it seems it is called the “ten year doldrums.” The connotation is the same. A relationship has reached a stale stage where the excitement and intimacy is missing. Amy Dickinson was asked to give advice […]

Hot Dogs Do Deserve Their Own National Day of Celebration

Hot dogs happen to rank among this Grandma’s favorite food. As a freshman in college in Boston, a bunch of us got an urge for a Nathan’s hot dog. Back then, the only place to get one was Coney Island. On a Saturday night, we drove back and forth from Boston to Brooklyn just to […]

The Skim” Connects Us to the Parents of Our Grandchildren

The news media is heralding a new era. We Boomers are of the newspaper generation. I still like my morning newspaper – or I should say, three morning newspapers. Recently, I have cut back to two daily deliveries–The Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel, both local newspapers. I keep the New York Times delivery for the […]