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“Be Careful What You Wish For” Hits this Boomer Grandma

Standing in a crowded, busy Pottery Barn waiting for the sales person to get items from the warehouse, the grandchildren were bored. One turned to his mother, when she said he needed to wait, and said, “I hate you.” In Pottery Barn, there were at least 20 women, mothers and grandmothers. Most started laughing and […]

Rubik’s Cube Fun For Grandchildren

Visiting the oldest grandchild, I found him playing unusually with a low tech toy–a Rubik’s Cube. He said he and his twelve year old friends were having a contest to see who could figure out the puzzle the fastest. This Grandma tries to think of great presents for grandchildren and I have to admit that […]

Finding the Best Art for Decorating a Child’s or Any Room and A New Shared Activity for Grandma and Grandchild by Exploring National Geographic Art

It is a real effort to find fabulous wall decor for a baby’s room or child’s room. Yes, we can find great baby art for a nursery, but most of the time what we find does not grow with the child, and it can be costly. Twitter has now become a source of interesting and […]

Using Fresh Fruit and Graham Crackers to Bake bon appetit’s Apricot, Cherry, and Graham Cracker Crumble with Grandchildren

Summer fresh fruit is the best, but sometimes a grandchild is reluctant to try some new fruit no matter how much we grandmas might try to entice them to do so. This Grandma has found that the best way to get grandchildren to try new fruits is to bake a dessert with the fruit. My […]

Finding the Best Pillow is Like Finding a Swim Suit that Fits and Here It Is

This article appeared in New York Magazine February 23, 2015, “A Spine-Friendly Pillow for Deep Sleep,” by Emma Whitford. It caught my interest because finding the best pillow is like finding a swim suit that fits. Ms. Whitford said: “The goal: Find a pillow to please side and back sleepers (that’s most of us)-firm enough […]

Must We “Target” Product Suggestions Based on Gender Because of Tweets

The Sun Sentinel, August 11, 2015, had an article, “Target Stores Tackle Gender Divide Issue,” by Jessica Contrara, which added the “why” to Target’s decision to stop offering product suggestions based on gender. She reports that “two months ago, an Ohio mom’s tweet went viral when she called out Target for separating “building sets” and […]

Top Three Tips for Picking the Best Preschool and Toddler Nap Mats and Covers

My daughters always ask this Grandma to do the research for them. This time it was preparation for preschool, and on the list of things required was a nap mat. This Grandma hit the internet. Here are the top tips that came from my research. Tip Number One: Buy a mat separate from the all […]

How Young is Young Enough to Be President of the United States

News Flash on July 30, 2015 from “Health issues resulting from a blood clot in 2012 are resolved and Hillary Clinton is physically fit to serve as president, her personal physician says.” “”Mrs. Clinton is a healthy 67-year-old female” whose current medical conditions include a thyroid condition and seasonal allergies, Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s […]

Seven Reasons Why You Should Not Retire to Florida From A Long Time Boomer Grandma of South Florida

Those of us Boomers in Florida knew it was bound to happen after this past long hard winter. After all, the snow in Boston Harbor did not melt until mid summer! According to the Sun Sentinel, July 30, 2015, Florida is still the nation’s top destination for retirees. Here is what the author, Nicholas Nehamas, […]

Best Five Tips on How Grandma Can Be the Star For Parents and Grandchildren With Back to School Expenses

Florida has a special time every August where there is no sales tax for Back to School expenses, an exemption for clothing of $100 or less, school supplies of $15 or less, or the first $750 of personal computers and computer related expenses, as well as other items. This exemption is very popular and can […]

National Ice Cream Month is Celebrated in Sunny Florida Year Round

July is National Ice Cream Month. This Grandma can understand that it would fall in the summer in the U.S. After all, I have always wondered how ice cream parlors stay in business in the winter up north. Being prejudiced, I think that South Florida has the best ice cream parlors. Of course, it is […]

And So We Boomers Disappear at the End of This Century…

The article in the Washington Post June 26, 2015 caught my eye, “Social Issues: Census update shows more diverse society as baby-boom generation ages,” by Fredrick Kunckle. It was interesting that “A new Census Bureau report shows the baby-boom generation fading further into the gray and giving way to millennials in a country whose younger […]

Great Wolf Lodge Adventures With Grandparents: Comparing Older Lodges in Poconos, Pennsylvania, and Williamsburg, Virginia, With Newer Lodge in New England

When our eight and nine year old grandchildren were given a choice of a weekend vacation with Grandma and Grandpa, each, separately, said Great Wolf Lodge. We had never heard of Great Wolf Lodge before their mothers took the cousins for their birthdays to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. We thought that […]

Appreciating What You Have May Include Making Lemonade Out of Lemons Handed To You By the Parents of Your Grandchildren

Dear Abby in the Miami Herald July 26, 2015 had a lament from an involved and active grandma in “DEAR ABBY: Grandma’s pictures don’t make cut in Mom’s memory book” “Dear Abby: Throughout my three grandchildren lives, I have picked them up from school, and attended school functions, games and activities in which they have […]

Pizza Hut is the New Favorite of Grandmas With Its New Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza Crust Pizza

When this Grandma saw the commercial on television, I could not believe it. Pizza Hut created a new pizza that is a combination pizza and hot dogs in a blanket. It looked amazing! Why, do you ask? Because I am a grandma who loves to give my grandchildren their favorite foods in the world. More […]