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We do Not Have to Wait Until National Chocolate Pudding Day to Enjoy Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake With Grandchildren

It seems that every day is another national holiday and we don’t know the origin of National Chocolate Pudding Day, but who cares. National Chocolate Pudding Day is observed each year on June 26th. According to National Day Calendar: “Historically, chocolate pudding is a variation of chocolate custard, using starch as a thickener instead of […]

Top Eight Tips for Visiting New York City With Toddlers and Preschoolers

This week Twitter had a tweet about taking toddlers to New York City. The tweet did not seem to promote this occurrence. Having taken toddlers and preschoolers to New York City, this Grandma disagrees. New York City is a perfect place to visit with a toddler and preschooler. You just have to be prepared. Tip […]

Inside Out, The Movie, From the Grandparents’ Perspective of An Important Emotion Explained for Children With a Message For Us All

“Inside Out” was advertised everywhere. Disney said it was wonderful. Reviews said it was wonderful. If you live under a rock, the Pixar movie is described on by Matt Zoller Seitz, editor-in-chief for the website and a critic for New York Magazine, as “ a comedy-adventure about a girl’s emotional interior, five key emotions […]

Different Grandparenting at Different Ages of Grandma and Grandchild

After helping the youngest two grandchildren get settled in their new home, this Grandma realized that her youngest grandchildren were both old enough to go to camp all day. That realization coincided with the realization of having no good reason not to help their parents physically move, and meant this Grandma actually helped in the […]

Top Ten Places in the World With the Longest Life Expectancy At Birth

Twitter has really caught my interest. Getting interesting information in snipits is now in with this Grandma. I found the CNN post about the top ten places with the longest life expectancy at birth fascinating. You can find it and beautiful photographs at Australia is number 10 at 82.07 years. Guernsey is number 9 […]

Oink and New Ways to Give Allowances: Family Reviews and Ideas for Use

This Grandma loves to read the New York Times Wedding Section every Sunday morning. This past Sunday, I read that the father of the bride or groom was involved in Virtual Piggy, listed as Paypal for minors. That caught my attention so I looked Virtual Piggy up on the internet. I found out that it […]

Gender Neutral Names Are the Rage For 2015

On the way to work, listening to the radio, this Grandma was hearing about new babies of celebrities, all gender neutral names, and many sounding like fruits, vegetables or flowers too. The commentators were talking about Apple, North, Olive, etc. This Grandma just finished reviewing the top names of 2014, and the news media is […]

”Witching Hour” Takes on New Meaning for Boomer Grandmas

According to Wikipedia, with a modern literal meaning of “midnight,” the term, witching hour, “refers to the time of night (3:00-4:00 am is commonly speculated) when creatures such as witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful and black magic to be most effective. It may be used […]

The Best of San Francisco With Grandchildren and Books to Enjoy About the City

There are many websites with tips on where to take children in San Francisco. All agree that San Francisco is a top travel destination for both adults and children. We took our children to San Francisco and planning for grandchildren becomes easy. Again, there are some don’ts. Forget Alcatraz for younger children. Don’t forget to […]

New Grandpa and Grandma Books Are Best Sellers Which Shows How Much We Boomer Grandparents Crave Books About Grandchildren and Grandparents

The most recent New York Times Children’s Best Seller list includes at number 3, “How to Babysit a Grandma, “ by Jean Reagan. This follows a previous best seller, “How to Babysit a Grandpa, also by Jean Reagan. We Boomer grandparents crave books about grandchildren and grandparents. This Grandma thinks the release of this book […]

The Best Frozen Desserts for Grandchildren For Summer to Make or Pop Out of the Freezer

This Grandma makes reservations. When Real Simple staffers sampled more than 120 bars, sandwiches, and ice pops and came up with the six best, I paid attention. However, they were adults tasting for adults. What I liked was that they concentrated on organic. Here is Grandma’s top picks of the six for grandchildren: Grandchildren love […]

Experts Are Back to Play for Children As Important in Education

For two months in a row, the New York Times has had significant articles about new studies by scientists, education researchers and educators that play time, playing with blocks, drawing, creating, is better for young children in preschool, kindergarten, and even the first and second grade, than what has happened in the last few decades […]

Head Lice Hits Another Generation With Grandchildren And Not Only in Florida

The parents of this Grandma’s grandchildren were born in Florida. I never heard of head lice before until they started school in Florida. I thought head lice must be a Southern thing, hot climate and all. But no, a long (we never say old) grandma friend said her grandchildren who live up north came home […]

Disney Princesses Precede Grandma’s High Heels, Jewelry and Makeup As a Treat For A Granddaughter

Spring cleaning season has passed so now it is time to have the guilt work so much that this Grandma gets into her closets and drawers. But, now I have found a way to make the chore less tedious. Instead of throwing away those high heels too worn to give away, I put old high […]