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”Ripeness is Cool” and Not Only For Movie Stars

The New York Times, Sunday, May 3, 2015, had a picture of action heroes with a flying AARP card and an open bottle of Lipitor with pills flying on the cover of the Arts & Leisure Section. Yes, of course, it caught my eye. The article by Manohla Daris and A.O. Scott, entitled, “Make My […]

Buying New Interactive Talking Toys for Grandchildren Comes with a Warning to be Cautious

This week, trying to take a photograph of an Instagram my oldest grandson posted, I accidentally got Siri instead. I went,” Oh! No! Not Siri!.” Siri responded, “After all I do for you . . . .” In hysterics over the guilt trip Siri pulled on me, I called my grandson immediately. The entire family […]

Real Simple Does it Again With the Best Father’s Day Gifts After Grandma’s Number One Best Gift for Father’s Day

This Grandma’s mantra for gifts for Father’s Day is the same as Mother’s Day and such holidays. Gifts from children to parents and grandparents should be inexpensive and preferably homemade. The best Father’s Day gift is a backwards homemade coupon book where the giver, the child, gets to redeem the coupons too. We all know […]

New Summer Camp Rules for Care Packages Requires Grandma To Plan Ahead and Grandchildren to be More Selective

Sleep-away camps have cracked down on care packages from home during the summer. The camps do not want the campers competitive about the number and contents of care packages. I must admit that this Grandma was one who went overboard with bigger and bigger boxes of goodies each summer. Does the new policy deter this […]

Grandma Creating An Annual Family Celebration Day Has Much To Choose From

We seem to have a holiday for everything and national holidays to celebrate each year. We just celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is coming in June. Many families in the United States observe National Grandparents Day on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day. It seems that the United States has the least […]

From Pippi Longstocking to Madeline to Pinkalicious to Fancy Nancy, Times Are Changing, Or Not

After a few stories about children’s books geared to young girls appeared in the news, this Grandma became curious. Have the old favorites stood the test of time or have they been replaced by the new books geared to girls? This Grandma did research by contacting the long (we never say old) friend with the […]

If Xylitol is So Great for Our Grandchildren’s Strep and Ear Infections, Why Haven’t Their Pediatricians Recommended It

This Grandma just went for her quarterly teeth cleaning. In the treatment room was a new large box of individually wrapped sugar free Xylitol SPRY by GUM. The wrapper said “Dental Defense System.” Of course, I asked about it. My long (we never say old) dentist said that the gum was wonderful as it killed […]

Grandma’s Changing Role and Relationship With Grandchildren As They and We Live Longer

This Grandma always says we never get older, we live longer. That is different with our grandchildren. They cannot seem to want to wait until they are old enough to do more. Our roles as grandmas change as we and they get longer, and our relationship with our precious grandchildren changes. When new grandmas share […]

While Waiting For Cherries to Ripen by June, Try Baking Personal Cherry Pies With Canned Now, and Fresh Later For A Delicious Taste Treat To Make With Grandchildren That Also is a Learning Lesson

While some fresh fruits are available year round, such as apples, oranges, peaches, bananas, fresh cherries are only available for a limited time during the year. June is when we begin seeing the best ripen fresh cherries, but we do not have to wait to make delicious personal cherry pies with our grandchildren now. Remember, […]

Melanoma Awareness Month is a Great Time for Grandmas to Remind Everyone to Buy Protective Swim Clothing and Use Proper Sun Screen

May is Melanoma Awareness month. In Florida, we do not have to remind ourselves that the sun is strong, but we may have to remind those we love of the importance of coverup swim clothing and unoma rates in young women are eight times higher now than they were forty years ago and for young […]

Kraft Mac & Cheese Joining the Manufacturers Going Back to Real Food, Listening to Real People on Worried About What Their Children and Grandchildren Are Eating

It is all over the news. “There has been a huge shift away from processed foods in the U.S. and larger food producers are trying to follow their customers in that direction.” McDonalds is going to chicken without hormones. Now Kraft has announced that, “Kraft Mac & Cheese [is]shedding the dyes,” according to an article […]

Time for The Grandchildren to Have Their Eyes Tested: Near Sightedness is Hitting Epidemic Proportions and Studies Show Help Is Already Here

Two of our grandchildren wear glasses. We have noticed that many young children their ages also wear glasses. We wondered about the rise and now it seems that it is an epidemic of near-sightedness around the world among the young! This Grandma, of course, first thought that it might be electronics, but it is not […]