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Hand-Me-Downs of Grandma’s Clothing Purchases Is Surprisingly Not Working With Jeans

The four year old grandson looked so adorable at his birthday party wearing jeans. The jeans were bought by this Grandma for the first grandson who is now eleven and a half. I love to amortize the cost of clothing over the number of grandchildren who are going to wear the items. The four year […]

This Boomer Grandma Celebrates Middle Age in Her Sixties

This Boomer Grandma always knew what the new studies are showing.  We Boomers are NOT our parents’ generation.  We exercise more.  We live life to its fullest, feeling younger than our chronological years–and looking younger than our chronological years.  This Grandma has always been into “functional age” and what we are able to do is […]

Scrabble With Grandma Starting At Age Three to A Perfect Decorative Scrabble Game Cabinet as a Beautiful and “Playful” Addition to a Home

We forget how smart our grandchildren are. In preschool early, they learn their letters and can  put together words by age three. There are so many scrabble sets designated for age 3 and up, and buying a scrabble game as a visit or birthday present is something the parents of your grandchild are going to […]

Critiquing Real Simple’s Fifteen Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day leaves Four Inexpensive Gift Ideas That Are Best For Grandma or Mother on Mother’s Day 2015

Brigitt Hauck, a writer for Real Simple Magazine, writes many lists for Mother’s Day ideas, including, “8 Custom Gifts That Show Off Mom’s Favorite Photos: Personalized photo gifts-from edibles to organizational tools-showcase mom’s finest snapshots,” and “7 Gourmet Gifts for Mom.” This Grandma reviewed the articles, and found that the author does have some jewels […]

Not On Grandma’s Watch: Dangers For Our Grandchildren We Do Not Think Of Inside and Outside of Our Homes

There is such joy when we spend time with our grandchildren, but, when this Grandma has “responsible” time, I am more vigilant than I was as a parent. I do not want anything to happen to the grandchildren on my watch. However, sometimes there are dangers we do not think about. For example, a report […]

Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Learning More to Share With the Great-Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors and Being More Concerned About the World in Which We Live

It is so difficult for this Grandma to watch the evening news. The world in which we live is a scary place and when the world becomes scary, we must worry about those who use such a world as a reason to hate and cause harm to others. Anti-Semitic incidents are on the rise around […]

Not Just Another Hallmark Holiday To Celebrate When We Celebrate Siblings: More Than Sharing Fifty percent of the Same Genes

This Grandma was taught about Siblings Day from her oldest grandson. He put a picture on Instagram of his sister and himself and was counting “likes.” Yes, I am back on Instagram too. How could I not “like” a picture of my grandchildren. Then, of course, I went on the Internet to learn more about […]

Grandma Uses Aromatherapy to Combat a Sugar Rush

This Grandma finally has a Twitter account she looks at. When Twitter was new, the oldest grandson discovered it so I had him create an account. Now he just uses Instagram, but the children level in their 30s and 40s use Twitter. Life is complicated to keep up with social media choices. Twitter is easier […]

Grandma Learns That Toilet Training Boys is Different Than Girls and Different Still in This Generation

This Grandma hated toilet training. The oldest daughter was a clean freak and would only go at home, even after being toilet trained. It made life seem like a prison, being locked at home or close to home. The actual training was easy with two girls. The youngest wanted to be like her older sister […]

This Grandma’s New Mantra is Peanut Butter For Breakfast, and Not Only For Grandchildren

Back from visiting my younger grandchildren, I realized the one food item I needed to stock up on was peanut butter. This is the four year old grandson’s “go to” food. He eats peanut butter on crackers for breakfast. He eats a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, sometimes with Nutella, which contains nuts. He eats […]

Making Your House the Gathering Place For Family and Their Friends

The holidays are here and soon we are inundated with our children and grandchildren. Talking with a long (we never say old) friend, we wondered where the years went. Our children are making plans with their friends from their youth at our homes. We discussed how this is an extension of what we did when […]

Plan A Trip To A National Park, Mostly Without Grandchildren

For the last several years, actually beginning when we realized we could get $10 lifetime passes to all national parks in the U.S. upon our 62nd birthdays, and we loved getting “carded,” because the rangers could not believe we were that old, Grandpa and I have intentionally visited as many national parks as we can. […]

Study on Time With Children Allows Parents and Grandmas to Be Free of Guilt

Watching the Today Show on NBC, March 30, 2015, this Grandma’s attention was drawn to a segment on a new study that the amount of time mothers spend with their children, ages 3 to 11, has little relationship to how successful those kids become in life. This is a new, wide-scale study that will be […]