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When Should Grandchildren Learn About the Holocaust

A dear long (we never say old) friend, also a grandma, said her grandson, age six, overheard her discussing a Holocaust movie with his mother. He asked her what the Holocaust was. She vaguely mentioned that there once were bad men but they no longer exist. She then called me, a child of Holocaust survivors, […]

Simplify Applies to Easter and Passover Projects with Grandchildren

Every year this Grandma looks for an inviting and memorable project to do with the grandchildren for the holidays. In the past, this Grandma has done elaborate projects and recipes, not necessarily with many and complicated ingredients which this Grandma does not approve of with children, but with elaborate messes. See, for example, see the […]

Any Grandparent Will Have A Heavy Heart After Watching This Short Documentary About A Conversation Some Parents Must Have With Their Children, but All Parents Should

The New York Times on line, March 17, 2015, has a link to a video that is a “must watch” for all of us, not only grandmas among us. As described in the Times, “In this short documentary, parents reveal their struggles with telling their black sons that they may be targets of racial profiling […]

The Millennials Could Learn the Top Four Beauty Products From This Grandma To Keep Them Looking Young and Fabulous

This Grandma just could not understand Sephora and Ulta. My youngest daughter, in her late thirties, loves Ulta. She asks for gift cards to Ulta for holiday presents. I have gone there with her. I do not get it. I have gone to Sephora myself looking for my favorite beauty products. Neither store carries the […]

It IS a Grandma Thing to Leave Membership in the Flip Phone Caucus Behind

Reading the New York Times, March 11, 2015, this Grandma got a chuckle at the article about Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Charles Schumer being among those who rarely or never send or receive email, and seemingly use this as a point of pride. This is, of course, part of the media frenzy over Hilary […]

This Grandma Cannot Believe She Watched A Video On a How To Make A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Without A Recipe and It Was MY Special Recipe

It never occurred to me to put my special recipe to make a grilled cheese sandwich for my children, when they were young, and for my grandchildren now, on this blog. My grandchildren love my grilled cheese sandwiches but I really thought it was not so unusual how I made them. Then, on the New […]

Favored Dogs Versus Favored Cats As Pets for Grandchildren When Both Require Commitment or Do They

The Westminster Kennel Club show in New York this year ended with the beagle winning Best in Show. This Grandma is not a dog lover but finds the show very interesting. Also, after the show, we learn so much more about dogs and our nation’s love of them. Articles about dogs and cats as pets […]

Boys and Their Favorite Toys From Preschool On Through School Age Come from Japan and Involve Bakugan, Pokemon and BeyBlades

If you are grandma with grandsons, there is a new language to learn, Bakugan and Pokemon, and they make the best visit presents. Japan is the source of these three crazes. This Grandma was able to hand down the Bakugan, Pokemon, and BeyBlade collections from the eleven year old grandson to the seven and four […]

Nuts and the New Studies That Let Us Think About Introducing Delicious Nutella to Our Grandchildren

In this Grandma’s grandchildren’s preschools and schools, nuts are forbidden. Everything that goes to school must not contain nuts. Nut allergies are a grave concern. As with everything, it seems, there may be a solution that works. In the New York Times, February 23, 2015, author Andrew Pollack, in “Feeding Infants Peanut Products Could Prevent […]

The Hottest Red Carpet Styles are Those Women age 60+ and 70+ and the Top Advice of the Top Two Sirens, Sophia Loren and Jane Fonda, are a Prescription for Boomer Grandmas

We Boomer grandmas have made it. The hottest red carpet styles this year are those women age 60+ and 70+. Of course, we do not look like any of the women of the previous generation who were those ages. We, as we Boomers always do, redefine life passage events. Google the following or get the […]

A Reverse Birthday Gift is a Win-Win to Downsize and Share Grandma’s Life

We get to the point in life when we Boomer Grandmas have so much “stuff.” It usually comes at the same time as when we have to consider downsizing. In a Dear Abby column, January 11, 2015, a reader gave Abby a great idea. Here is the question and answer from the column: Dear Abby: […]

Pizza for Breakfast Forever Even If It Not Supposed to Be So Good For You

One of the first “grandma lessons” this Grandma received from an experienced grandma was to serve your grandchildren dessert first and pizza for breakfast. She made it clear that we, as grandparents, have all the joy and no responsibility. It is the parents who have the responsibility to raise the grandchildren. We grandmas just spoil […]

Red Yarn Passed from Generation to Generation is Great Riches

My mother, GG (great grandmother) died in 2005. Before she died, she gave me a ball of red yarn and told me it was now my duty as the matriarch in the family to make sure that red yarn was tied to the crib of every baby born into the family. She said that it […]

A Random Act of Kindness

A great community leader just died at age 96. She was a dancer, ran a dance studio in the north, retired to Florida and worked her entire retirement to help make our community a better place in which to live. I had the great honor for knowing her personally for a long number of years. […]

From Birth to Death, Music and Learning to Play an Instrument is Our Friend

This Grandma should have titled this post, “From Utero to Death, Music is Our Friend.” In the last decade or so, we see images of pregnant women singing and playing music to their bellies. We know that dancing and singing with our baby and toddler grandchildren is the most fun, as well as good for […]