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So When Are Grandchildren Into Dragons and What Can We Grandmas Do About It

This Grandma is always looking for great visit presents. So introducing grandchildren to dragons can be through great books and plush toys and even having them accompany us to the movies so we have an excuse to see, “How To Train Your Dragon” movies. There is a picture book presently on the best seller list […]

Girl Scout French Toast for A Meal Followed by Girl Scout Cookies and Milk for Dessert: A Better Than Best Meal

It is Girl Scout cookie selling time so when I say the article in the New York Times, “Girl Scout French Toast: As Good as the Cookies. A French Toast Recipe With a Crème Brûlée Twist,” I expected the author, Melissa Clark, to use Girl Scout cookies somehow in the recipe. No. It is a […]

Does the The Emoji-Using Sex Effect Affect Boomer Grandmas Too and Does Anyone Care

This Grandma has to admit that when I saw the blurb in the Culture section of the February 16, 2015 Time Magazine, I first had no clue.  It had no illustration and said: “THE DIGITS. 54%. Proportion of emoji-using singles who had sex in 2014, compared with 31% of singles who abstain from emoji use, […]

Parents of the Grandchildren Just Say No to SpongeBob SquarePants

This Grandma did not know. A grandchild wanted a SpongeBob plush toy. I was about to purchase it when the parent of the grandchild went crazy. Little did I know that SpongeBob is totally off limits with the parents of our grandchildren. The new “SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” just kicked American Sniper off […]

There is Now Proof that Our Children and Grandchildren Will Survive Parenting “Mistakes”

This Grandma likes to assuage all new parents’ fears and concerns. New parents worry about everything. I like to say, “There is no right way or wrong way. We all make mistakes. The children will survive their parents’ parenting mistakes.” This Grandma likes to assuage all new grandparents’ fears and concerns about the new parents’ […]

Protecting Our Granddaughters From the Ills of Sugary Drinks

This Grandma is one who never says no to grandchildren except in times of safety. Even times when discipline is needed, this Grandma tries to teach the grandchildren to “freeze,” so I can run to get a parent to do the discipline. This grandma considers it her job to spoil her grandchildren at every opportunity […]

The Importance of teaching Grandchildren To Set Aside Time to Do Nothing on National Nothing Day and More Lasting Skill Building With Meditation

When this Grandma was a child in the safe times of growing up in the 1950’s, parents were apt to send you outside to play with the admonishment to be home by dinner. Free time and free play are no longer in our over programmed high electronics driven world. Children have “play dates” instead of […]

Matisse and The Cut Outs and Grandchildren Projects

Grandpa and I went to the New York Museum of Modern Art, “Matisse, The Cut-Outs” Show. We learned all about his process and saw hundreds of Matisse’s amazing works, including stained glass. We were surprised that there were not more children there. After learning how Matisse created these masterpieces, we looked close to see the […]

We Have Good Reason to Read Aloud to Grandchildren of All Ages

In the New York Times, January 8, 2015, Motoko Richjan, in “Study Finds Reading to Children of All Ages Grooms Them to Read More on Their Own,” gives us good reasons to read aloud to grandchildren of all ages. She writes: “Fewer children are reading books frequently for fun, according to a new report released […]

Does Jane the Virgin’s Lead Actress Have an Important message for Parents and Grandparents to Pass Along That Is Not What the Show’s Title Suggests

Because of all the buzz that the new television show,”Jane the Virgin,” was not only hysterical but bound to win awards this year, this Grandma convinced Grandpa to watch it On Demand. Really, we both hated the title and the seemingly trite subject matter. But, for anyone, in this day and age of what seems […]

Should You Listen to Grandma or Dr. Oz and Other Experts for Weight Loss Ideas that Work for Post Menopausal Women in 2015

This Grandma will try anything to lose weight. Anything I hear, see, or read about new or quirky tips, I grab onto.   I have written posts about all the new ideas for 2014. After these holidays, like all of us, this Grandma needs to drop a few pounds. Like all of us, I want easy […]

Now that Researchers Tell Us that Public Bathrooms Are Not the Germ Pits We Think They Are Does Not Mean We Do Not Teach Our Grandchildren How to Use Them

When my eldest daughter was being toilet trained, I religiously avoided public bathrooms. All the rituals were exhausting. Taking a hand towel to open the stall door, putting masses of toilet paper (before seat covers) on the toilet seat, repeatedly telling the toddler not to touch anything, taking more toilet paper to touch the handle […]

Researchers Now Tell us Boomer Grandmas Have the Wisdom that Accompanies Long Years As A Reason to Smile

The holiday season is at an end. This Grandma can tell. Everyone used to smile, be kind and accommodating, and now it is back to rudeness and ill mannered scowls. I guess the holiday bills have begun arriving. This Grandma wishes the holiday spirit of the holiday season could last the year long. It seems […]