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Navigating the Best Day Possible at Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach, Florida

This was our second trip to Lion Country Safari with our second set of grandchildren. First, the park is not really in West Palm Beach, Florida, although it advertises itself as such. It is really in Loxahatchee, Florida, way, way out west. It is ten miles west of the Florida Turnpike, exit 97, or I-95 […]

Learning the Alphabet Grandma’s Way

The New York Times, December 21, 2014, had a listing of what the author, Patricia Crain, said are great Alphabet Books. Here are the five recommended books: ALPHABETABUM Written and illustrated by Vladimir -Radunsky and Chris Raschka 80 pp. New York Review Books. $19.95. (Picture book; ages 3 to 8)   ONCE UPON AN ALPHABET […]

What I Wish My Grandchildren Could Understand Now Rather Than Suffer the Consequences of Having to Learn By Living Life

After having lived long, life looks so different. The intensity of youth is replaced with the calm of experience. All of those sayings we hear during life are true. We hear don’t sweat the small stuff. But, juggling career, relationships, children, acquisitions, come to the forefront in adulthood and we just go and go. We […]

Grandma Being the Nanny for the Grandchildren

This Grandma recently went to a reunion of long (we never say old) friends who are all now grandmas. One has seven month old twin grandchildren and she is watching them on a daily basis until they are old enough for preschool. Another spoke of taking care of three granddaughters on a daily basis since […]

Grandma Trying to Understand and Prepare for the Ramifications of the Unintended Medical Consequences of Aging

This Grandma’s grandchildren heal almost in the blink of an eye. Young 20s and 30s ails took little longer to heal. So go the decades. However, what I seem to see is that in the 60s, it is better not to have two things to go wrong at the same time. The body has to […]

Irresponsibility and Grand parenting Should not Go Together

In the Sun Sentinel, Amy Dickinson titled her column, ASK AMY, “Irresponsible Grandparents.” This, of course, caught my interest: Dear Amy: I am the mother of three children who enjoy going to my mom and stepfather’s house to spend the night. The issue is that my stepfather smokes in their home and vehicle. I have […]

This Grandma Feels A Need to Apologize to the Grandchildren for the World in Which We Now Live

I do not think I know how the world in which we live got to be what it is today. MY PRECIOUS GRANDCHILDREN, THE WORLD IS A SCARY PLACE, AND I AM SORRY THAT YOU MUST NOW LIVE IN A SCARY PLACE. When Grandpa and I were growing up in the 1950’s, the world was […]

2014 Winning Holiday Cookie Contest Winner Goes Well with Baking Rice Krispies Treats at the Same Time

Each year the local newspaper has a Holiday Cookie Contest. This year’s winner is a mouthwatering oatmeal crisp that I cannot wait to try with my grandchildren. Remember, to make a cooking or baking experience easy for cleanup, cover the kitchen counters and floors with old towels. Divide up the tasks by reader and non […]

Remembering to Be Grateful During the Holiday Season and Throughout the Year

Grandpa and this Grandma just returned from what seems to be another stop in the endless stream of holiday parties. At this party, a long (we never say old) friend who works at an agency that assists families and children told us what happened the night before, Christmas Eve. Just before closing, a young mother […]

Grandma Says Extend the movie Annie’s Message As A 2015 New Year’s Resolution

The mother of the youngest grandchildren said that the seven year old grandson wants to see the movie, Annie, when he comes to Florida for the winter holidays. Of course, that meant that this Grandma started reading reviews. The most important review for the movie for me was not on Common Sense Media where this […]