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Social Media is Changing the Grandparenting Landscape but Not As Much as the Parenting Landscape

My eleven year old grandson had just arrived for Thanksgiving. He was sitting on the couch smiling and burst into laughter. This Grandma was thrilled, thinking he was so happy to be here with Grandpa and me in sunny Florida, having escaped the arctic blast covering his home town up north. I sided up to […]

Grandma’s Meaning of Old and Cold and Researching Slowing Time Leads to a Future Goal

An arctic blast has covered most of the U.S. Every state is cold. Being the Grandma in South Florida, just under sixty degrees means boots and coats, even gloves, are brought out. It is also an opportunity for this Grandma to gloat to grandchildren as to the difference in temperature and have them laugh about […]

Marking Grandma’s Visits to Grandchildren with Special 2015 Children’s Calendars

Grandchildren always want to know when grandma is coming to visit or they are coming to visit this Grandma in Florida. There are so many options for special calendars for children for 2015. Anything from Frozen is a hit for grandchildren this holiday season. There is even a Frozen 2015 calendar that comes with a […]

Watches Big and Small For Grandchildren Teach Telling Time and More

This Grandma was at Learning Express with the older grandchildren letting them pick out items for the holidays and their camp packages. Yes, I plan in advance. It did not matter that it was before holiday time. I try to always multitask and why not plan for two events at one time. They were the […]

Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 Give Us More Information Than We Realize

This Grandma loves when the Today Show and other news media advertise the Baby Center winners of most popular baby names of the year. Their data comes from nearly a half a million parents who shared their baby’s name with Baby Center in 2014. This year, I read so much more than just the top […]

The Red Tent is Fiction But the Consequences Are Real When Circumcision Benefits Outweigh the Risks

This Grandma read the book, “The Red Tent,” but does not remember it, other than the book being enthralling at the time.   Now watching the movie version on Lifetime, I still do not remember the story, and the movie is also enthralling.   Not to kill the story for you, there is a scene in it […]

It Does Matter if a Grandchild is Left Handed and Their Mother is Right Handed or if the Grandchild is Right Handed and Their Mother is Left Handed

When this Grandma’s first daughter was born, it was quickly clear that the child was left handed. I am right handed. GG (great grandmother) said that I should force her to use her right hand, like she did with my brother who is left handed. I responded that my brother is still left handed and […]

Long Distance Grandma Thinks Creatively When Celebrating the Holidays with the Top Four Tips for Making Holidays Joyful

Holidays with the Top Four Tips for Making Holidays Joyful Since the birth of the oldest grandchild, this Grandma realized that celebration of holidays was going to be a challenge being a long distance away. Since then, the oldest set of grandchildren remain in New England, which the parents of the younger set of grandchildren […]

Dancing and Singing with Grandchildren and Teaching and Moving Body Parts

At this Grandma’s long (we never say old) years, I love that I am able to keep up with the grandchildren and do dancing and moving songs with the grandchildren and be able to teach them body parts at the same time. My favorite moving song for this purpose is “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” […]

Over the . . .Top Luxurious Holiday Gifts Grandchildren Would Love

If money were no object and a grandma did not care what anything cost, here are over the top luxurious holiday gifts grandchildren would love: Infants and Toddlers They have no clue and grow too fast so do not spend for luxuries for them. Spend at this time in their lives on those who matter […]

Visit a Local Farm With Grandchildren

When we were on our last visit with the younger grandchildren, we were contemplating what to do for a special outing. We and they had recently done the local children’s museums. There was no good children’s movie that the grandchildren had not seen. Not that that has stopped us in the past from using our […]