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The Difference Between First and Second Born Children and Food Rules for Toddlers

“Food Rules for Toddlers May Lead to Healthy Eating Habits,” is all over the news media. A study was done at the University of Buffalo on about 9,000 children. According to Robert Preidt at Children have healthier diets when their parents place restrictions on what they can eat and train them to control their […]

This Grandma Knew It Was Bound to Happen: “How an iPhone Can Lead to Broken Bones for Young Children”

When I saw the title, I immediately thought of the toddler who know the ins and outs of an iphone and is playing with it while on the monkey bars. That is not a good thing. But, the study is about what is worse, lack of supervision and distractions by parents on their cell phones […]

Dominoes Connect Grandmas Through the Centuries and Make Great Holiday Gifts for grandchildren

I remember playing dominoes as a child and my brother and I built with them and we played games with them with our parents. If you have the type of grandchildren who, if you say “dominoes,” they yell, “pizza,” does this Grandma have a treat for you. Before introducing them to box sets of dominoes, […]

The Problem with Child Car Booster Seats for Four to Eight Year Olds is Not Their Safety or Cost But Their Name

This Grandma was watching Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News introduce a segment on the new Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 2014 test results on child car booster seats. The segment talked about booster seats being required for the “awkward” age between four and eight, when children are too old for baby car seats […]

Halloween Just Ended and Holiday Shopping for Grandchildren Has Arrived: The 2014 Best Tips from Start to Finish to SAVINGS for a Wonderful Holiday Season

Right before Halloween, this Grandma was in the mall and next to Halloween paraphernalia were holiday trimmings already.   I plan for the holidays in October, so it did not surprise me. It seems that now all grandmas need to think early when it comes for holiday shopping to save the most money and have the […]

Peanut Butter S’Mores For Those Grandchildren Who Love Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Sitting in a doctor’s office, I always look at old magazines that might contain recipes my grandchildren might love. Of course, the recipes have to be fast and easy because if this Grandma ever cooks or bakes, it will be with grandchildren. Otherwise, this Grandma makes reservations. Looking through an old Family Circle Magazine from […]

Scratching An Itch: Old Wives Tales and Remedies May Be True After All

My Mother (GG –Great Grandmother) taught my brother and me not to scratch an itch. We were taught we should circle around it and rub, but never scratch. She said to scratch an itch just made it worse. GG would have us wrap ice and apply the cold. That is just one of homemade remedies. […]

Grandma Lessons to Be Learned When We “Shake It Off”

Taylor Swift seems to write all her songs about her lost loves and what she has learned from those experiences. Her new song, “Shake It Off” is a perfect example. When I first heard it on the MTV Video Awards, I was underwhelmed. Then, the Today Show showed a piece of a youtube video of […]

How the Pill and Now Egg Freezing Impacts Grandmas In Ways We Failed to Consider

This Grandma was in the first generation that had the pill. I remember my mother lamenting that she would not get to be a young grandmother because I had access to contraception. She was right. I had my first child at age 27 in an era when early twenties was the norm. I am beginning […]

Does Hair Color Define Who We Are as Boomer Grandmas: Are We in Renee Zellwegger’s or Frances McDormand’s Corner

This Grandma recently went to an event with a long (we never say old) friend where the entire female audience seemed to be of Boomer age. As we looked around we noticed that those women who were Floridians had colored hair, dressed younger versus the New Englanders who mostly were gray haired and preppy. We […]