I Wish I Had Straight Talk Wireless Safe Driver Car Connection When I Was Parenting A New Teen Driver—Do They Have a Portable Unit to Attach to a Younger Child?

I Wish I Had Straight Talk Wireless Safe Driver Car Connection When I Was Parenting A New Teen Driver—Do They Have a Portable Unit to Attach to a Younger ChildA print advertisement in People Magazine caught my eye. It started, “Because you never stopped trying to keep them safe.’ Then it showed four pictures with captions:

Age 1   A crib

Age 2   An electrical outlet

Age 6   A helmet

Age 16 Straight Talk Wireless Safe Driver Car Connection

Then the rest: “Help prevent distracted driving with the new Safe Driver Car Connection from Straight Talk Wireless.”

Being of long years, advertisements usually don’t catch me. I looked on their website.

The first page says;


Connect your car to your smartphone for only $10 a month.


Limit distracted driving with Text Blocking╪ Safety Alerts


View driver score reports to maintain vehicle safety, performance and fuel consumption


Set safety driving zone alerts to control where your car goes and how it’s used


Track your vehicle in real-time and ♥know if it’s been towed or moved


Screen driver behavior and vehicle health from any Internet-connected device

I was caught. Having raised two teen drivers, I immediately went on line to look at reviews. Then I really became impressed.

Monitor Your Teen’s Driving & Gain a Little Peace of Mind with Straight Talk Safe Driver Car Connection, by Melanie Edwards was published on July 29, 2014 and can be read in its entirety at Modern Mami:

She tested Straight Talk Wireless Safe Driver Car Connection on herself. The information about her driving habits I would have liked to have about our teens’ driving habits. Yes, there is a little ‘big brother is watching” about it, but teenagers are two year olds with wheels and need monitoring. Here is a tool that can do it for you and give you important information to have for yourself and to share with your teen to help the teen become a better driver.

This Grandma also likes that you can get location information and can limit zones of driving and get notifications if the driver went out of the zone. Taking driving privileges away when a teen disobeys really punishes the parent, and this would have been welcome to limit driving privileges when appropriate.

And here is the best from her review:

Restrict Test Usage

Perhaps the most appealing feature for parents of teenagers will be the ability to restrict text and phone usage while driving. This feature requires a separate download of the free ZoomSafer mobile app on the phone you wish to restrict. ZoomSafer is currently only available for Android, Blackberry, and iOS phones, but with it, you can control the use of calls and texting while the car is in use.

This Grandma never could fall asleep until the teenagers were safely in their beds. Life as a parent of a teen is so much better in this technological age. I cannot wait to see what technology comes up with next.

I cannot wait until they have a portable unit to attach to a younger child.





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