It’s Time to Find the Best Halloween Costume for Grandchildren Again

It’s Time to Find the Best Halloween Costume for Grandchildren Again“Halloween Costumes are a Great Grandma Gift,” is the post I wrote for 2013 Halloween, September 18, 2013 which you can find by putting “Halloween’ into the search. There is also a post on “Halloween Stories from Grandma,” October 25, 2013, and “Halloween as a Holiday for Grandma to Teach Charity,” September 16, 2013.

For costumes, September 18, 2013, I gave tips by age group and said:

Being a long distance grandma, this Grandma looks for ways to be there in person for significant times in the grandchildren’s lives. Grandchildren love Halloween. Candy, of course! Whether a grandma lives far or near, Halloween may not be able to be shared in person with grandchildren, or a grandma may not want to personally go door to door with grandchildren or parents may want this “special” day to be their own. Whatever the reason grandma is not going to be in person at Halloween, grandma can still be that special person there. Just buy the costume your grandchild covets! Grandchildren remember when grandmas buy them something they dearly want. If you are near, go with the grandchild to pick out the costume.

What I love are the pictures of the grandchildren in the costume they chose and love, the Facetime thank yous, the knowledge that these memories will remain forever, and that it was Grandma who brought the joy.

This year, this Grandma’s favorite costumes are still from Chasing Fireflies. The Disney Store is for those fans of the princesses and others.  Pottery Barn Kids is best for quality and special variety, especially for baby costumes.

This year, I add one additional vendor for babies and toddlers.

The dragon costume is to die for and so many toddlers are into dragons these days. And while I could not find Anna and Elsa costumes from Frozen on the Disney Store website, which was a shock, One Step Ahead had them at comparable Disney costume prices.

Our granddaughter already picked out her costume and matching boots out from Chasing Fireflies. We are going to visit the two younger grandsons this weekend and the catalogs are already in my suitcase. Costume hunting is a great activity to share with grandchildren. Halloween costumes are a great grandma gift. Such





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