When Preteens have a Smart Phone We Must Consider a New App Called Ignore No More

Daily MailOur oldest grandchild has wanted a smart phone for almost a year.  He has not taken no for an answer.  He has not accepted that just because his friends got smart phones when they hit double digits did not mean he should get one too.  He negotiated for a smart phone for his eleventh birthday, coming up soon, but his real desire was to have it waiting for him when he got home from sleep-away camp.  It just happens that the I Phone 6 has been delayed and is not available for another month or two.  Of course, this was a dilemna, as who does not want the newest and best, but one easily solved by Grandpa.  Grandpa spent hours and hours taking an old I Phone 3 we have and converting it for our grandson’s use for the sixty days delay in gratification.  Instant gratification was resolved after almost a weekend of talking to and working with on line techies and work by Grandpa.  Our grandson got his temporary I Phone and new telephone number on his car ride back from the camp bus! The look on our grandson’s face was priceless.  This Grandma and Grandpa will jump over whatever hurdles we need to when it comes to our grandchildren.

We tell our grandson how much he is going to appreciate all that the I Phone 6 is able to do now that we have seen the major differences and updates since the I Phone 3 he has to accept in the meantime.  I really am surprised at learning new techie language of “operating system” upgrades, and all the things our newer I Phones can do.  Now, I, too, may consider an upgrade to a 6.  Poor Grandpa as he sets up all our telephones.  To think. . . .Grandpa and I grew up watching the test pattern on the small black and white television until television resumed programming in the afternoon.

This grandchild, being the oldest child of two oldest children, is obedient, well-behaved and wonderful.  Yes, I am prejudiced, but it is true.  When the Today Show, August 18, 2014, had a segment on a new app for parents whose children ignore their telephone calls and texts, I did not think the parents of this grandchild would need it, but wanted to know more.

So, I researched on the internet and found an article by Joel Christie about the inventor and the app at Daily Mail. He writes:

Mom who served in the Gulf War creates ‘genius’ app that will shut down her son’s phone when he ignores her calls … and now all parents can buy it. Sharon Standifird, of Houston, Texas, decided to create an app that would force her son Bradley to answer her calls and texts

She started researching and met with a developer. Together they produced Ignore No More, available now for $1.99.  It allows parents to deactivate their child’s phone completely until they call back. A deactivated phone can still dial 911. . . .

The app allows Standifird to deactivate the phone belonging to her son, Bradley, after installing it onto his iPhone. Bradley requires a password to reactive the phone, which only his mom has.

He cannot call or text anyone but his mom when Ignore No More is activated.  The phone will let him dial 911, but it won’t let his access internet or games.

‘Bradley needs to call me because I’m the person that has the unlock password,’

Standifird said.  Her husband William said he is not surprised at the capabilities of his wife,

who served in the Gulf War.’Pretty much anything she sets her mind to she does,’ he said.

Standifird said the app had made an immediate difference in being able to contact her son.

Hmmm.  Since children are getting I Phones younger and younger, their sense of responsibility and maturity might not be consistent with their possession of such technological advancements.  What a wonderful idea at only $1.99 . . .even for a perfect grandson.  Grandpa, however, is willing to bet that the parents of this grandchildren will never have to use this app. . . .but you never know.





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