Which Grandma Among Us is Ready to Buy the $7,500 Crib for our Grandchild?

cribThis Grandma goes overboard when it comes to the grandchildren.  I am always looking for the new toy, new book, even new bedding set to redo their bedrooms once again!  I am really, really glad that I am not expecting a new grandchild any time soon.  We have reached new heights in baby furniture.  We now have the baby crib in the thousands and thousands of dollars.  I think this is now going too far.

In the New York Times, July 30, 2014, Tim McKeough, clues us in to brand new “Infant Chic.”  I think I would have selected a different title, “Infant Insanity.”

He says:

Nursery Works is introducing a collection of cribs it claims is unique in the annals of infant bed design. No one “does the kind of experimentation with materials and design you see in the adult furniture world,” said Matthew Grayson, the senior designer for Nursery Works. “We wanted to be the ones to push the limits.”

The Contour crib, shown, $7,500, is wrapped by lacquered wooden slats that are cut by a CNC machine to resemble a rippling wave. Halo, $6,900, is adorned with a large square of 24-karat-gold-plated aluminum. And Highlight, $3,900, can be reconfigured as an adult desk once the child graduates to a regular bed.

The cribs go on sale Friday; 323-728-8988 or nurseryworks.net.

Of course, I went on the website.  The cribs are admittedly gorgeous and worth a viewing.  I wonder how vomit looks on 24-karat-gold-plated aluminum.  The all lucite crib is my favorite and I am safe in more ways than one.  It is not available!  Not that any parent of any grandchild of mine would want to be cleaning fingerprints and saliva (when the baby chews on the top of the crib) off lucite every minute!

At the prices asked, the company does not have to sell many.  But knowing there are Boomer grandmas out there with a lot of disposable income and less number of grandchildren as in the past, I think the company is really targeting us, not the parents.






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