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Fast, Easy, Low Calorie, and Delicious Tomato Basil Soup Made With or Without Grandchildren

This Grandma just attended an organic cooking demonstration, and the chef, Billy, was amazing.  Everything he described included tips for cooking with grandchildren.  He was humorous and entertaining, and most so when he showed us how to make fast, easy, low calorie and delicious tomato basil soup. He said this was wonderful and fun to […]

When Preteens have a Smart Phone We Must Consider a New App Called Ignore No More

Our oldest grandchild has wanted a smart phone for almost a year.  He has not taken no for an answer.  He has not accepted that just because his friends got smart phones when they hit double digits did not mean he should get one too.  He negotiated for a smart phone for his eleventh birthday, […]

When Grandchildren Need Eyeglasses, Think Outrageous, as is the Number of Children Who May Need Eyeglasses

Two of our grandchildren wear eye glasses.  One is seven, and has worn glasses since he was four.  The other is three, and I wrote a post about his wanting to sleep in his glasses.  This Grandma was worried about compliance issues, but need not have done so because of two reasons.  First, both children, […]

In One Life We Live a Lot of Different Lives

Sometimes characters in television shows come up with lines that remain with you.  The female Black lieutenant in Law and Order came up with the line, “you are only as happy as your unhappiest child.”  I have repeated this saying more times than I can remember.  So true.  It does not matter how old your […]

When Grandchildren Are into the New Pop Music Grandparents Should Be in the Know

When I was a child I listened to the music my parents liked and it was not the “rock and roll” this Grandma loved.  As soon as our grandchildren started listening to pop music, that was all I wanted to learn.  I did not have grandparents, but somehow I knew being into grandchildren meant not […]

Copy cat is a Good Thing When it Comes to Recipes Grandchildren Love Like Granola Bars

The internet is a wonderful thing.  Because my grandchildren love the mac and cheese from California Pizza Kitchen, I looked on the internet for the recipe and found it!  I make it at home for them now and even have created my lower fat version.  See past post. The food section of the local newspaper […]

Preserving Memories by Displaying Collections with Grandchildren

This Grandma is always looking for creative ways to engage grandchildren with little effort and little cost.  When I was young, using cigar boxes in creative ways was something my friends and I did.  We created dioramas often on different topics, sometimes for school projects and sometimes for fun.  Cigar boxes are not as easy […]

Which Grandma Among Us is Ready to Buy the $7,500 Crib for our Grandchild?

This Grandma goes overboard when it comes to the grandchildren.  I am always looking for the new toy, new book, even new bedding set to redo their bedrooms once again!  I am really, really glad that I am not expecting a new grandchild any time soon.  We have reached new heights in baby furniture.  We […]

Whatever Pills We Want to Take to Help Us Sleep May Hurt Us Boomer Grandmas More Than Help

My parents and my father-in-law especially mentioned that they slept less as they got older.  They seemed to wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier in the evening.  Our generation has the quick and easy way to get sleep assistance through medication, and the sleep medication seems to be handed out like candy, not […]

Choosing the Sex: How to Have a Baby Girl or Baby Boy

A long (we never say old) friend just told me she is going to be a grandmother again – and it is going to be the sixth granddaughter in the family!  I laughingly said, don’t any of the parents of your grandchildren know the recipe for a boy?  She said she remembered there was an […]

Non-fiction Books Grip School Aged Grandchildren

Visiting grandchildren always means viewing their stash of books and seeing if their home library needs refreshing.  If I need suggestions, I ask the parents.  Recently, I have noticed a growing collection of non-fiction children’s books.  A previous post recommends the new children’s books by Brad Meltzer.  The books I am now looking for are […]

Brad Meltzer Writes Children’s Books – That are Great

This Grandma is used to reading the author, Brad Meltzer’s books–his adult books.  I always check the New York Times Best seller lists for children’s books to buy for my grandchildren and found two children’s books by Brad Meltzer on it!  I was intrigued. I went to the internet of course, and found an online […]

How Music May Make Babies and Toddlers Team Players

“How Music May Make Babies Team Players,” is the title of an article by Nicholas Bakalar in the New York Times, July 4, 2014.   He reports on a new study involving toddlers: Moving with a partner to the musical beat may make people more cooperative – even babies as young as 14 months.  Researchers worked […]