The Best Baby Shower Variation is a “Sprinkle”

The Best Baby Shower Variation is a “Sprinkle”A colleague commented that the baby shower planned by her close family and friends was the best.  Of course, I inquired why.  She shared that it was not one baby shower but two in one.

First, her close friends and family planned a private and intimate lunch with her closest family and friends.  At the luncheon, each attendee was asked to select a semi-precious bead and, at the event, each strung the selected  bead on a prepared wire.  When the string of beads was finished and tied off, it was given to the prospective mother.  She was told that she should bring it to hold during labor, to know that each person was there in spirit with her.  Each attendee was asked to give their best advice to the prospective mother, about motherhood or about life.  The colleague said this private and intimate lunch was something she cherished.

Second, the large dessert shower began with the attendance of many friends and relatives immediately thereafter.  The colleague said that all during that second shower, she held in her heart the closeness of those special persons who had quietly honored her and celebrated with her.  She said the large shower was made ever so much more special by those she held dear.

This Grandma has thrown and assisted in throwing many baby showers.  Each is a joyful event.  I just attended what a dear friend and cousin called a “sprinkle.”  She made it an intimate event, only inviting those closest to the prospective mother, her daughter-in-law.  She bought plain white “onsies” in different sizes and had us decorate them with non-toxic puff paints.   Of course, she splurged and provided most of the layette and supplies herself, scattered around the beautifully decorated room.

We in America always think big is better.  These events were small, one intimate event preceding a larger celebration and one being a large celebration in intimacy.  Being creative and thoughtful, the best baby shower variation is a private ‘sprinkle” of love for the prospective mother with



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