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The Best Baby Shower Variation is a “Sprinkle”

A colleague commented that the baby shower planned by her close family and friends was the best.  Of course, I inquired why.  She shared that it was not one baby shower but two in one. First, her close friends and family planned a private and intimate lunch with her closest family and friends.  At the […]

Friends as the Family We Choose

This Grandma has always felt that there something special about each person I call a friend.  Something drew me to those who I hold dear as friends, a connection somehow, but I could not identify what it was.  I did a previous post in which I assured young mothers that when they went back to […]

The Art of Marriage

This Grandma loved the editorial by Phil Latzman, “A Genuine Work of Art? Try 60 Years of Marriage,” in the Sun Sentinel, July 17, 2014.  It is about his in-laws who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, “an event so precious, 60 years is known as the ‘Diamond Anniversary’.” For someone just trying to wrap […]

Gender Reveal Parties: A New Reason to Celebrate?

A colleague is pregnant.  She is about to find out the sex of the baby.  All she is talking about is the planning of the gender reveal party.  Gender Reveal Party?  My youngest grandson is three, and this is new to me! Of course, I asked her all about it.  The prospective parents get the […]

Respect Your “Elders”

“Respect your Elders,” was a blurb on the People page of the Miami Herald recently.  It said: Here are 10 TV performers, all 65 or older, who did some of the best work of their careers this past season. Kathy Bates, 65: Delphine LaLaurie in American Horror Story, a 19th century slave killer who is […]

Emergency Baby and Child Bag Even if You Do not Live in Tornado Alley

Grandpa and I just returned from meeting new baby cousins in Northern California.  The topic of discussion between the mothers of the babies was emergency baby bags and having more than one located in different areas of the house.  I asked what they were talking about.  They said they keep emergency baby bags full of […]

Who Made the Pacifier and Grandma’s Advice on Use of a Pacifier

“Who Made That Pacifier?” by Dashka Slater appeared in the “Who Made That” column in the New York Times Magazine June 20, 2014.  I love this column and the information it provides on every day items we take for granted.  In our day and age, we surely think of a pacifier as something that existed […]

Pediatrics Group Recommends Reading Aloud to Children From Birth

“Pediatrics Group to Recommend Reading Aloud to Children From Birth,” is the title of an article by Motoko Rich published in the New York Times, June 24, 2014. This Grandma has written blogs suggesting that black and white books be given as new parent gifts.  Newborns see black and white. This Grandma has recommended apps […]

Grandma Being Silly “On Top of Spaghetti”

Parents tend to forget that silliness is part of childhood.  They themselves stop being silly in front of their children.  I often hear them mention “silly,” but not in a nice way, usually telling the young child  to stop being silly.  This Grandma cannot blame them.  I was the same. Now, as a grandma, I […]

We Grandmas Must Not Forget Our Golden Rule: We Must Do As the Parents of Our Grandchildren Direct

This Grandma was shocked When reading Kim Conte’s Motherlode Blog in the Sunday New York Times, June 29, 2014, titled, “The Battle Over Vaccinating Grandparents.” I expected that there would be a debate among professionals such as pediatricians as to whether or not such was actually required.  No. Pediatricians agree that we grandparents may need […]

This Grandma’s Best Tips for Flying with a Baby

This Grandma loves Carolyn Hax’s advice – most of the time.  When responding to a mother flying with a baby, I do not think she was helpful.  Here is what she said June 20, 2014, published in the Miami Herald: DEAR CAROLYN: I’m flying with a baby and, three weeks out, am already losing sleep. […]

Is Retiring in Place “Finding the Sweet Spot in Deciding Where to Retire”?

 The article printed June 14, 2014 in the New York Times, “Finding the Sweet Spot in Deciding Where to Retire,” by Kerry Hannon, rehashed a lot of factors from previous articles, about choosing a retirement location: income tax, state and local taxes, property taxes.  It seems that taxes should be a real consideration on making […]

Can Taking Care of Grandchildren Prevent Alzheimers?

The mother of our youngest grandchildren forwarded a link to this Grandma just after she returned home after caring for the six and three year old grandchildren for several days.  I think she was trying to encourage me to do this again. . . .as if I needed the encouragement!  All I need is the […] Gives Us the Truth: “What Grandma Hears Versus What Mom Hears”

The Mother of our youngest grandchildren forwarded the following to me.  Enjoy! has given us the truth. . . .and a good laugh. Go to Nickmom website..     Joy,   Mema