Color this Father’s Day With a Creative Gift

Father's Day GiftThis Grandma was thinking about Father’s Day presents.  The first and best idea is always a picture in a frame.  The photograph can be creative, such as the children holding up a sign that says, “Happy Father’s Day,” or “I love you.”This year, the mother of our grandchildren cleverly took a picture of the children’s feet upon which was written, Happy Father’s Day,”  and put the photograph in a special Father’s Day frame.

Then a friend told me how her two and a half year old grandchild took her color wheel she used in decorating and has been creating amazing art ever since.  In preschool, she knows her primary and secondary colors before the rest of the class.  She suggested that I get the grandchildren each color wheels, a new box of crayons, and a new sketch pad as a next visit present and see what happens.

What a great idea that easily combines with Father’s Day!  Combining the new artwork created by the grandchildren with the frame that opens to change artwork for Dad to put in his office to change the coming artwork!  A win-win Father’s Day gift for grandchildren to give to Dad and Grandpa!

The first shopping site this Grandma goes to for fast and easy shopping, Amazon, has everything:

Children’s Color wheel

The largest box of Crayola crayons

9×12 crayon sketchpad

Frame that allows changing children’s artwork and holds up to 100 pictures

Amazon provides quick shipping too.  Now remember to buy a complete set for each grandchild!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers and Grandpas!





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