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The Three Year Old Last Baby Grandchild: Is Three Worse than the Terrible Twos?

Our daughter recently complained about our three year old grandson, our youngest and last baby  grandchild, saying three was worse than two.  Terrible twos lead into terrific threes, I thought.  I asked for an example.  She said that when she picked him up from daycare, he insisted that he walk to the car without holding […]

Grandma Refuses to Face the Facts of Growing O-l-d-e-r

This Grandma lives in Florida and loves it.  Whether it is true or not, I have heard that the humidity keeps us younger, makes our skin looks better as we age, and even lubricates our internal organs.  I do know that my joints do not ache in Florida, because when I am up north in […]

Lego Art

Legos, according to Wikipedia came on the U.S. market in 1958, brought to us from Denmark. “Lego”, comes from the Danish phrase leg godt, means “play well.”  How appropriate. When this Grandma bought Legos for my children, creativity was supreme.  Children were encouraged to make anything with Legos.  Today, when this Grandma buys Legos for […]

Vegetables of Many Colors Make Great Art Projects and Great Soup

Springtime means fresh vegetables.  Vegetables are a tough sell.  No matter how we try, it is hard to interest grandchildren in vegetables.  Unless we play with the vegetables!  Who, but grandma, would say it is okay to play with food!  Not only that, we can teach our grandchildren that some vegetables come in many colors. […]

Taking a Three Year Old to a Toy Store and This Grandma’s V Tech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Review

This Grandma always goes for Oppenheimer Toy Award winning toys on Toy Portolio.   I know the toys have been tested by real children and evaluated by expert testers.  However, I had run out of toys to get for our youngest grandchild and it was his third birthday.  He has inherited toys from three older […]

This Boomer Grandma’s Freedom

Being a Boomer child in America, I have lived though decades of great change and opportunity that made the American dream possible. This Grandma was a working mother, part time and mostly full time.  There was never any time for Grandma.  Every moment seemed to belong to everyone else.  And being a Holocaust survivors’ child […]

Best Easter and Passover Books from Grandma

Last year, this Grandma’s suggestions for the Spring holidays still holds true for recipes, activities and gifts. And Check Chasing Fireflies (www.chasing-fireflies) and Gap for the cutest Spring holiday clothing. This Grandma is thinking books for this holiday season: For Easter: Toddlers: Ollie’s Easter Eggs board book (Gossie & Friends) Board book by Olivier Dunrea.  […]

Grandmas Do Have A Responsibility After All

This Grandma’s mantra is that grandparenting should be no responsibility and all joy.  After all, we did our best to be responsible parents and now we have the parents of our children to be responsible. I read Mama Sass’s column in the Miami Herald, March 29, 2014, “Sharing Family Stories Enriching for Children.”  She wrote […]

Cookie Stuffed Brownies to Bake with Grandma

This Grandma accidentally stumbled on the one sweet recipe that is going to make the parents of our grandchildren cringe.  However, it is going to make our grandchildren jump for joy. Imagine brownies stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough and Oreos!  And, the recipe is an easy dream.  A win-win for grandchild and grandma.  Maybe […]

National Bubble Week Education and Fun for Grandchildren

We have so many holidays, but one this Grandma did not know about was National Bubble Week.  It coincides with the first week of Spring each year since it started in 2000.   With the winter we are having in 2014, this is another reason to celebrate what we hope will be a great spring. Of […]

Spring and Holiday Shopping With Granddaughter Via Smart Phone and I Pad

This Grandma shops – a lot.  So, I get lots of catalogs in the mail.  Yes, and lots of email sale notices. This Grandma buys – selectively.  The best is to preshop for my only granddaughter.  SHE likes to choose her own clothes and is very particular.  After seven years, I think I know her […]

Taking Grandchildren to the White House

Washington, D.C. is a fabulous place to visit with grandchildren.  This Grandma thought that grandchildren should be older school age before a White House visit, but our six year old grandson wanted to go to the White House.  We thought he was too young.  We were wrong.  He loved it.  He could identify the paintings […]

Springtime Gifts from Grandma

The weather does not make us think spring is around the corner, but it is.  Planting with grandchildren is fun, but so are the many award winning toys we can bring when we visit.  There are many wonderful options for infants and older from the Oppenheimer Toy Awards on  Here is what is recommended […]

”Two Children is More Than Double One” Affects Assisted Reproductive Technology

This Grandma had an unexpected surprise on the arrival of the second child.  I was shocked that no one had told me that having two children is more than double work than having one child.  One child is an appendage.  It is easy to take one child along pretty much anywhere – even with all […]