Left Hand Makes An “L”

Left Hand Makes An “L”Sometimes the old learning tricks that we grandmas learned as children are the best.  I do not want to remember all the bunny ear tricks to teach a child to tie shoelaces.  Velcro is not the dream you think it is when toddlers keep opening Velcro and taking off their shoes. I did not enjoy either parenting chore.

This Grandma likes easy tricks.     Parents are so interested in a child learning left from right as it seems that is a sign of intelligence.  It is Grandma’s job to help our children be brilliant in their parents’ eyes with easy tricks.  Learning left from right is easy to teach.

Think about it.  When you hold your left hand up with your fingers together, the left hand makes an L.  Tell the grandchild you have a secret.  You can start younger than you  think.  Tell the grandchild that we can surprise Mom and Dad, “It is easy to learn left and right.”  Show the grandchild that a left hand makes an L.  Have them hold up their hand and run your finger along the ski jump part and say “L.”  Have them do it.  Do it up high and down low.  Do it on one foot and do it with your eyes closed.  Have fun.

Start playing L games.  Lavender and lemon begin with the letter ‘L.” Tie a purple or yellow yarn bracelet on the grandchild’s left hand and ankle bracelet on the left foot.  Or buy a yellow lemon ice rubber bracelet that glows in the dark! Click here.

Now, with the left hand and ankle so designated,  play marching songs and march, left, right, left right.  Here’s a teaching moment.

and march to John Philip Sousa’s patriotic, “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

Review comes next.  Keep the yellow crutches on as a help for the grandchild.  What is on the left?  What is to the left of the tree?

Tell the grandchild one last trick about left and right.  If you cannot remember, keep your left hand in your lap and make it make an L.  No one needs to know you looked!

Now for the real test, if you can get the yellow lemon ice glow in the dark bracelet off the grandchild’s left wrist—ever!





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